WJ Tested: GoPure Water Filter Pod for Travel

WJ Tested: GoPure Water Filter Pod for Travel

WJ Tested: GoPure Water Filter Pod for Travel

WJ Tested: GoPure Water Filter Pod for Travel

Are you ever concerned about the quality and safety of the potable tap water you’re drinking? We are. Whether we are at home or travelling to an exotic location we drink a lot of water each day and want to know it is excellent quality, not loaded with contaminants or toxins, and is safe to consume. Up steps PuriBloc GoPure Water Purifier to the rescue.

You may ask why we would test and review a water purifier for a travel website? Good question, and the answer is because this one is portable, simple, cost-effective and takes care of our concerns


It is a portable, ceramic pod that absorbs a multitude of soluble and chemical impurities in tap water. It balances the PH to re-mineralize and alkalize the water, which also helps improve the taste, odor and color (who likes yellow water?). It removes 99% of lead and arsenic, and 97% of chlorine and fluoride – that’s fantastic. The reusable GoPure pod costs $24.95, can treat up to 264 gallons of water (replaces 2000 water bottles), while continuing to work for six months


Place the GoPure pod in your glass, mug, hydration pack, water bottle, pet bowl, coffee maker water reservoir (or any small water container up to three liters), just add water and it continuously purifies. Magic!


Our city water doesn’t have a lot of chemicals added to the treatment of it (no fluoride), but they do use some that give off a bad taste and smell. Also, we’re not convinced the city water is really the best quality that we’re told it is. So, we use a jug home filter and don’t buy bottled water. We were previously spending hundreds of dollars a year for bottled water instead of drinking tap water. Ouch. We found that adding the GoPure to our water glass and bottles means that straight out of the tap, our water tastes and smells much better, plus this is a very economical and eco-friendly simple system to use


Many countries around the world do not have potable water straight out of the tap, so bottled water is the only way to go to try and stay healthy and hydrated. Not only is there a huge amount of plastic waste that the world has to deal with, but the bottled water supplies are not always safe – the bottles may have been filled or refilled with non-filtered and purified water. GoPure takes the concerns away by filtering the water you pour from the bottled water we bought


GoPure Water Filter Pod for Pets

GoPure Water Filter Pod for Pets

Our friend’s four-legged besties have been having health issues over the last couple of years, and we know the concern is that the tap water they drink at home has too many chemical compounds for their bodies to handle. GoPure has a filter ($29.95) that fits in a water bowl and works continuously for six months (and there’s no filter to change). If the pod is good enough for humans, it’s definitely good enough for their pets


The PuriBloc GoPure water purifier is the ideal solution to saving money on bottled water and enjoying what comes out of the tap (only to be used with potable water). We’ll be taking ours with us on all of our upcoming adventures – cruise ships, hotel rooms, restaurants, and so on

NOTE: GoPure provided WJ with these items for test and review purposes. Read our full disclosure statement to see that this has no effect on our articles and reviews. All opinions are our own.

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