WJ Tested: Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Review

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WJ Tested: Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Review

Hydro Flask – Is it a Water Bottle? Is it a Thermos? You Decide…

WJ Tested: Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Review

WJ Tested: Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Review

WAVEJourney was first introduced to Hydro Flask insulated water bottles in August 2009, just in time for a 9 week travel adventure in Europe.

We were immediately impressed by the design and features that inventors, Travis Rosbach and Cindy Morse of Bend, Oregon, USA, had come up with for these liquid-toting canisters. But, like all products that WJ tells our readers about, these too had to impress us as we rigorously tested them in various capacities.

Hydro Flask Features We Give Thumbs-Up To:

  • Double walled vacuum insulated – Which means no hot hands and the bottle doesn’t sweat. This also means that outside temperatures do not affect the inside liquid. If you put hot liquids in they stay hot for up to 12 hours, cold liquids will remain cold for days.
  • BPA Free – No chance of contamination with the Hydro Flask. No liner or coating on the stainless steel means they are 100% BPA-Free.
  • 18/8 stainless steel – That is the main component used to make the Hydro Flask so they’re better for your health than most other bottles. – No odors or retained tastes – As they’re made from high quality, nonporous and food-grade stainless steel they won’t retain coffee, tea, beer, wine or sports drink flavors.
  • Loop lid – Easy to attach a carabiner to it to eliminate loosing it over the side when boating or so it doesn’t pop out of the side-pocket on a pack. The lid is also insulated which helps with maintaining the liquid temperature.
  • Wide mouth – Easy to fill it with ice-cubes and easy to fill from a water fountain.
  • Recycle – 100% stainless steel means that it is easy to recycle if you ever need to.
  • Lightweight – Even though these bottles sport all the above features they still remain amazingly light-weight.
  • Warranty – Do you know of any other product that comes with a 100 year warranty? Well, Hydro Flask does!
  • Hydro Flask comes in two sizes – 18 oz and 24 oz. Perfect for everyone in the family.

Company Karma:

Visit the Hydro Flask Website.

Where to Buy Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles:

Bottom Line:
Everybody needs a good water bottle. One that will last a long time and be kind to our systems as well as the environment – Hydro Flask delivers on all fronts.

These water bottles are now a part of our daily lives. Whether driving around town, going for a hike, sneaking a beer or bottle of wine where we shouldn’t, or travelling around the world Hydro Flask does the job and eliminates the stress and mess.

We have now been travelling for more than three years toting along at least one Hydro Flask bottle each, and we can’t see than trend stopping anytime soon.

Note: Hydro Flask products were provided for testing and review to Vivienne Chapleo & Jill Hoelting, Co-Founders of WAVEJourney.com


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