WJ Tested: RealXGear Cooling Collars Review

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WJ Tested: RealXGear Cooling Collars Review

WJ Tested: RealXGear Cooling Collars Review

WJ Tested: RealXGear Cooling Collars Review

From RealXGear – Description and How it Works:

What is RealXGear?
RealXGear is 21st-Century Cooling technology made for the extreme performance needs of athletes, sports fans, workers – in short, anyone who needs to stay cool, particularly in the hot summer sun!

How does it work?
In addition to the passive evaporative cooling benefits of a wet towel on hot skin, RealXGear cooling technology also involves active cooling through a chemical reaction. Inside RealXGear towels and caps are chemical beads that drop in temperature rapidly when wet, and stay cool for hours. These chemicals are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Using Cold Water
Obviously the best and fastest results will come from using cold water, like what you’d get from a water fountain or sink. Our cooling gear has proven to keep a person’s outside skin up to 20 degrees cooler when using cold water to wet a RealXGear cooling towel.

Using Ambient Temperature Water
If you’re using water that’s about the same temperature as the air, your outer skin will be at least 12 degrees cooler in just a matter of minutes. The towel will then remain cool from 2 to 8 hours depending on the saturation of the towel and outside conditions. For example, a biker wearing our towel may only remain cool for 2 hours as a result of the wind drying out the towel and the beads inside. A gardener wearing our towel, on the other hand, will remain cool up to 8 hours because the outside conditions aren’t as extreme in drying out the towel.

Using Hot Water
To really put our claims to the test, our product launched on QVC and the demonstration showed the towel being wet with 194 degree water and within three minutes the towel cooled down to 71.9 degrees. Even using almost boiling water, the cooling beads were able to actively cool the towel down to a temperature where it can keep you cool, too!

Jill’s Review – Get Relief From Hot Flashes and Summer Heat:

I gave this product the test immediately upon receiving it as a sample at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City in August 2013. The weather was scorching hot (pushing 100 F) and we had two days ahead of us to scour this massive show of exhibitors searching for great gear to test and review.

The enthusiastic team at RealXGear demonstrated the Active Cooling Collar and insisted that we carry on our hunt with collars in place. (The collar is similar to their cooling towel, but with a slit in one end to tuck the other to keep secure around neck.)

What a score! Not only did these work in keeping us cool, but they were also fashionable. It seems every third person we encountered asked about the cooling collar and wanted one for themselves. We could have sold them by the dozen!

Since returning to the home office, we continue to enjoy the cooling benefit these collars offer at home, on hikes, and on the golf course. Not surprising, a cooling collar is perfect for outdoor activities; but it has also proven to be the go-to gear for hot flashes, as well!

The RealXGear Active Cooling Collar comes with its own storage container. Keep it clean by simply machine washing in cold and air dry.

So don’t let the heat slow you down. Check out RealXGear’s website and keep your cool!

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