WJ Tested: Private WiFi Review

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WJ Tested: Private WiFi Review

WJ Tested: Private WiFi Review

WJ Tested: Private WiFi Review

Keep your mobile devices, tablets and laptops secure when using public Wifi with the encrypted VPN service of Private WiFi!

How do you keep your personal files and information safe when using public Wifi and internet hotspots? When you log onto an open Wifi network in a cafe, restaurant, hotel or airport do you ever wonder if your laptop or device is being breached, with all of your various accounts being hacked and personal data (identity) being stolen?

The subject of safe and secure public Wifi usage has certainly been a major concern for us during our travels around the world… even when we are just out for a coffee at a store close to home. So, with that in mind, we started to research how to protect our gadgets, devices and laptops when we connect to public Wifi and internet sources and are pleased to report that we found a safe and affordable solution through Private WiFi.

We were able to test out the secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) service of Private WiFi on our iPod Touch and laptop during a recent 9-week trip through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand where we used unsecure public internet on a daily basis. We also successfully connected to the Private WiFi service during airport layovers in the USA, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

How Does Private WiFi Work?

Not to get too complicated or techie, but the Private WiFi software runs in the background on your mobile device, tablet (apps are available for) or laptop. The software provides encryption technology similar to that used by banks and credit card companies, therefore keeping your data invisible to others (hackers).

Is Private WiFi Easy To Use?

Yes, even for the non-techie among us, Private WiFi is simple to download and use. Just follow the instructions on their website and you will be up and running within a couple of minutes.

How Much Does Private WiFi Cost?

Various plans are available depending for a very reasonable price (starting at US$9.99) on how many devices you want to cover (we suggest you put it on all devices that will be connected to public Wifi) and the length of coverage (monthly or annual plans are available).

Bottom Line:

Private WiFi is a service that we find invaluable for keeping our devices secure and private information invisible. We use it every time we are away from home and cannot see any reason why we wouldn’t continue to do so.

For More Information:

Visit Private WiFi for full details of coverage and pricing.

Private WiFi service was provided free of charge for WAVEJourney to test and review. See our full disclosure statement to see that this has no effect on our opinions or reviews.

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