WJ Tested: Knuckle Lights™ Review

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WJ Tested: Knuckle Lights™ Review

WJ Tested: Knuckle Lights™ Review

WJ Tested: Knuckle Lights™ Review

Knuckle Lights™ Description:

Stay safe and stay seen on every trail and in every condition with the Knuckle Lights™. The first light designed to be worn on your hands, the Knuckle Lights™ come with 45 lumens and extra wide flood beams to keep the path ahead visible. Blinking, low and high power options keep you seen in low light conditions in a style that is weather proof. Adjustable silicone strap provides a custom, comfortable fit on every run.


  • Each light has 45 lumens
  • Extra wide flood beams
  • Blinking, low and high power options
  • Adjustable silicone strap for a comfortable, customized wear
  • Weather proof for any condition
  • Batteries included
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 years against defects

Jill’s Review:

I love this product! And from all the reviews I’ve read, so does everyone who has slipped these lights onto their hands. What a clever concept to forgo the headlamp.

Of late, I’m not running, but I do walk almost everywhere, often taking in evening events which have me on the pathways after dark. My Knuckle Lights are just the ticket to light the way, providing great visibility with the extra wide flood beams.

I really like the easy-to-operate thumb switch. When a car approaches I simply click to blinking mode to announce my presence. When crossing streets I do the same. Knuckle Lights move with the natural motion of your arms. When needed to focus on something specific, simply aim the light(s) and scan your surroundings.

There are two lights per set and the package comes complete with batteries. The batteries (2 AAA per light) are easy to load and the silicone straps readily adjust to a custom fit. Knuckle Lights are also weatherproof.

Knuckle Lights were another fab find at the Outdoor Retailer Show 2013. Two thumbs up for this product! I hope I’ve sparked your interest in these innovative lights and you check ’em out on their website and enjoy free priority shipping, a 5-year warranty, and 90-day money back guarantee!

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