WJ Tested: Long Road Supplies Travel Tent Review

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WJ Tested: Long Road Supplies Travel Tent Review

WJ Tested: Long Road Supplies Travel Tent Review

WJ Tested: Long Road Supplies Travel Tent Review

Do you get creeped out by creepy crawlies? Are you a magnet for mosquitoes? Do fleas make you flip out? Do you want to avoid being bitten by bedbugs? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to consider adding a Long Road Travel Supplies Travel Tent to your packing list the next time you’re leaving home.

After spending a few sleepless nights at a deluxe jungle lodge (I do not like to share my bed with spiders or become a feast for mosquitoes in the middle of the night) in Belize last year, I knew there was no chance of me ever travelling anywhere tropical again without some sort of bug tent. So, the search started for the perfect bug travel tent companion to satisfy my need for a peaceful slumber regardless of where I decided to travel. After spending far too many hours scouring the internet and visiting outdoor gear supply stores in both Canada and the USA, I found the Long Road Travel Supplies website… and finally my search was over.

Long Road Supplies Travel Tent

Long Road Supplies Travel Tent

Aside from my camera, my most used piece of travel gear on a recent 9-week adventure through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand was the one person (a double is also available) Travel Tent from Long Road Travel Supplies. If it hadn’t been for this product I likely would have had very little sleep, ended up with a few hundred mossie bites and come back with PTSD from the things that go crunch in the night.

The one night at a guesthouse where I was not able to sleep in the Travel Tent (the bed had its own mosquito netting) was when I awoke the next morning to find about 30 bites on my feet. Lesson learned! From that point onward I make sure I safely and securely slept in my trusty cocoon.


Compact – Easily packs into its own travel sack and fits inside a carry-on luggage.

Lightweight – Weighs less than 2lbs.

Poles – There are either 2 fiberglass or 2 aluminum poles. The aluminum poles are lighter, more flexible and will last longer than the fiberglass.

Netting/Base – No-see-um netting stops even the smallest insects from entering, while the ripstop nylon base is solid and extends up the sides to prevent mosquitoes from biting.

Freestanding – The lightweight poles fold up easily and unlike mosquito nets there is no looking for a hook in a room from which to hang it.

Zippered Door – Strong zipper keeps the tent sealed from bugs.

Interior Pocket – Handy for keeping valuables close by.

Length Extension – Get another 7″ of length at the bottom of the tent for feet.

Size – Fits on a regular twin bed while providing ample room to sleep comfortably and sit up inside.

Quality – After 9 weeks of continual use, the Travel Tent was still working as well as it did the first time.


Door – If there is a footboard at the base of the bed, it is difficult to enter/exit the Travel Tent’s zippered door (a side door would be my preference).

Set Up/Take Down – I did have a slight challenge with the poles when setting up and taking down the Travel Tent on my own. The poles are very long when opened up and flexing them over the tent was a bit of a lesson in contortion. Saying that, it only took a couple of minutes to either set up or take down. (P.S. much quicker with two people – approximately 30 seconds)

Long Road Travel Supplies - One Person Travel Tent

Long Road Travel Supplies – One Person Travel Tent on a Full-Size Bed


Sleeping well and staying safe from disease-carrying bugs (malaria, Dengue, etc.) is important both at home and away. The Long Road Travel Supplies Travel Tent is an item that I will now take with me everywhere I travel… and when spider season comes along again, I’ll also be sleeping in the Travel Tent at home!

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