August 2015 Travel Tips and Tales Newsletter

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Viv and Jill Bend Brewfest 2015

Viv and Jill Bend Brewfest 2015

August 2015 Travel Tips and Tales Newsletter

So Many Exciting Travel Possibilities!


Although WJ continues to enjoy fun in the summer sun in Central Oregon, articles from a few of our contributors have our travel juices flowing, and we’ve added a few more destinations to our list because of them. Below you will find exciting travel tips and tales from Florence (Firenze), Savannah in Georgia, Fife in Scotland, and the island of Oahu in Hawaii… Enjoy!

WJ congratulates Sherwin Banda on his recent appointment to President of African Travel, Inc.; a company that works hard to address responsible, sustainable tourism in Africa while ensuring travellers experience their destination in the best possible way. Read below for more information about Sherwin and African Travel, Inc.


Viv and Jill – AKA: WJ



Florence for the Solo Woman

Florence for the Solo Woman

Living La Solo Dolce Vita – Florence for the Solo Woman By Julietta Henderson


Savannah's Candy Kitchen

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

A Walking Food Tour in Savannah’s Historic Eastside By Nancy Zaffaro


Fife Coastal Path near St. Andres

Fife Coastal Path near St. Andres

Why I Love Scotland and the Kingdom of Fife By Ethel DeMarr


Hanauma Bay on Oahu, Hawaii

Hanauma Bay on Oahu, Hawaii

Is Hanauma Bay the Best Snorkeling Spot in Hawaii? By Patti Morrow


Sherwin Banda is Appointed as President of African Travel, Inc.

Sherwin Banda - President of African Travel, Inc.

Sherwin Banda – President of African Travel, Inc.

Sherwin Banda is grateful that recent high-profile events have increased awareness about the importance of responsible, sustainable tourism in Africa.

“The allure of Africa is multi-faceted, but so are the challenges facing the continent,” said the South Africa-born hotelier, who was appointed president of African Travel, Inc. earlier this month. “Fortunately, travelers are beginning to recognize and prioritize the importance of supporting long-lasting initiatives, ensuring Africa remains vibrant and diverse for generations to come. This is where safari outfitters like African Travel, Inc. can really make a difference, by offering unique and exciting programs encouraging travelers to actively participate in conservation.”

Banda, who was born and raised in Cape Town, has spent more than 17 years in the international hospitality industry including various positions in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He is renowned for his personalized approach to customer care and passionate devotion to all things Africa, particularly in terms of reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. Banda’s proven dedication to optimizing resource efficiency fits perfectly with African Travel, Inc.’s mission to protect endangered wildlife, ecosystems, and communities.

“Africa continues to be a must-visit travel destination, but travelers now want to give back to the communities they visit and leave a legacy of their own,” said Banda. “African Travel, Inc. provides numerous ways for guests to invest in Africa’s future by donating their time, expertise, or physical labor to projects in East and Southern Africa. We are heralding the new age of voluntourism.”

African Travel, Inc., which was recently ranked the #3 Top Safari Outfitter in Travel + Leisure’s coveted 2015 World’s Best Awards, supports numerous philanthropic programs and collaborates with the TreadRight Foundation, a not-for-profit organization working to preserve the environment and communities affected by tourism. Other partners include the Amy Biehl Foundation, which contributes to community building programs in Cape Town, and WildAid, whose mission is to reduce global consumption of wildlife products and end the illegal wildlife trade.

“I love that I work for a company where we get to make a difference in the world, but also make our guest’s dreams come true,” said Banda. “For a moment in time, an irrevocable and irreversible moment, we have touched people’s lives in a way that not many industries can claim to. When travelers depart on an African Travel, Inc. itinerary, they are giving back to Africa, but also bringing meaning into their own lives.

This I know for sure: You can leave Africa, but Africa never leaves you.”

For more information and to book the safari of your dreams, contact your favorite Travel Professional, call African Travel, Inc. at (800) 421-8907, or visit


Enjoy our river and ocean cruise travel tip sections here:

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One of our favorite WJ contributors, Habeeb Salloum, has a major hit with his latest cookbook, Asian Cooking Made Simple – A Culinary Journey along the Silk Road and Beyond.

Asian Cooking Made Simple by Habeeb Salloum

This recipe book is full of fabulous photos showing mouthwatering dishes that we wouldn’t usually attempt to make – and Habeeb’s recipes have simplified the process. We know you’re going to enjoy it (and the recipes) as much as we are ~ WJ.



Arlo - What's in the box

NETGEAR Arlo Home Security Video Camera ReviewTravel The World Knowing You Can Watch What’s Going On At Home by WAVEJourney

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