Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review

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Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

NETGEAR Arlo Home Security Video Camera Review

Travel The World Knowing You Can Watch What’s Going On At Home

By WAVEJourney

Having an alarm security system at home for the last 11 years has definitely given us peace of mind (we would be warned of any intrusion to our property while at home, or it would alert the monitoring company to any issues if we were away). But, recently we decided that our security system, which only sounded the alarm in the event of a breach, wasn’t enough – especially when vandalism and stalking was occurring on/at our property. Thankfully, we learned about a quick and easy solution to our problem – NETGEAR Arlo Smart Security Camera System. This indoor/outdoor system, that is quick and easy to install, simple to use, and provides a very versatile video camera alarm system, has allowed us to sleep easier knowing that we can monitor (and save videos/photos) of the vandalism as it happened – and we can do it from anywhere in the world while we travel. That feature alone is priceless!

Arlo - What's in the box

Arlo – What’s in the box

Below are more excellent reasons for having the Arlo security system at home (or in an office)…


  • Motion activated high-definition (HD) video cameras
  • Night vision video cameras produce excellent quality footage to easily identify perpetrator
  • Suitable for both indoor and/or outdoor use
  • Waterproof cameras (suitable for four-season operation)
  • Set-up wireless security cameras and system in less than 10 minutes
  • Portable and easy to install/move
  • Wireless range from the base to the cameras is about 300 feet (you can even place them in trees near your home and they will pick up any activity)
  • Small size makes them inconspicuous – perpetrator may not see them tucked away
  • We found they picked up motion outdoors up to 20+ feet away
  • We estimated the field of view to be at least 130-degrees
  • The Arlo app works well on both Android and iOS devices
  • View motion-activated color videos on the app and save them
  • Use the app to turn on the cameras and view live stream footage (in color)
  • Can take live photos of the area in view by using the app
  • Use them indoors to see what mischief your pets are getting into or to monitor any intrusion while you are away
  • Motion activation sensitivity and length of video can be easily adjusted through the app
  • Email notifications of activity can be sent via the app – easy to set-up and adjust
  • Easy to download and share video/photo clips
  • Lithium battery operated (4 per camera) – excellent battery life estimated at approximately 4-6 months
  • No extra (expensive) costs for wiring and installing (by an electrician) and easy to move to other locations as needed
  • Free or inexpensive monitoring – Basic package is free for up to 5 cameras with 7 days of cloud recordings
  • Need more than 5 cameras or monitoring/video storage space? USA monthly plans start at $9.99 or annually at $99.00 (see the Arlo web page for worldwide plan prices).
  • An Arlo 2-camera system starts at US$349.99 (we recommend starting with this and adding extra cameras as needed)


  • Motion activation does not work through windows
  • Keep extra lithium batteries (4 per camera) on hand – (we found they are much cheaper to replace from an online store such as than local retail stores)

The NETGEAR Arlo Smart Security Camera System is ideal for use at home or work. This system offers an inexpensive and cost efficient option for high-tec security needs. It is easy to monitor the system through the app from any location in the world (in another room of your home or while lying on a beach in Belize). We are thrilled with the Arlo system, the quality of video, and the security results we’ve achieved using it. Peace of mind = you never know when you’ll need to use the results to prove a case of stalking, vandalism or intrusion.


NETGEAR provided this item free of charge for WAVEJourney to test and review as part of their ambassador program. See our full disclosure statement to see that this has no effect on our opinions or reviews.


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