Celebrity Cruises Pre-Cruise Documentation

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Celebrity Cruises Pre-Cruise Documentation

Cruising the Southern Caribbean on Celebrity Summit

By Jeannette and Dan Dudek

Celebrity Cruises Pre-Cruise Documentation

Celebrity Cruises Pre-Cruise Documentation

Required Pre-Cruise Documentation
Once you have selected your Celebrity cruise and made the necessary deposit you have to complete the registration process. Most passengers do this via the Internet at the Celebrity Cruises web site.

You are required to enter your emergency contact, credit card and/or other billing information, answer questions as to who is authorized to charge to your SeaPass, etc.

One thing that surprised us (and many of the back-to-back cruise passengers) was the requirement of on-line registration be completed separately for each segment of the back-to-back cruises. Since most of us were taking two, one-week cruises, this meant we had to register our preferences, emergency contacts, billing credit card data, etc. twice. No option was provided to copy the data from the first cruise to the second. In fact, since most of us had been on a prior cruise with Celebrity we would have liked an option to copy the data from any prior cruise to populate the fields for the first cruise.

Another issue with the on-line registration involved the luggage tags. Apparently they were included with a travel package that you could choose to print, view on-line, or have mailed. By the time we realized that we did not get our travel package in the mail a couple of weeks before our departure it was too late to have the package (and luggage tags) mailed to us.

There was an option to print a page containing the luggage tags for your stateroom, including instructions to copy the form once for each of your bags, and then how to fold the page to create a tag.

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Jeannette and Dan Dudek  travel extensively domestically and internationally; visited over 30 countries; and have been to most U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Jeannette’s career has included teaching elementary school classes; as well as English classes for middle school students; she also as has been a business manager and accountant for several firms. Jeannette’s passion is gourmet cooking and hosting special gatherings for friends and family.

Dan spent his career as an international consultant; assisting large firms implement computerized project and portfolio management systems. Besides international travel, Jeannette and Dan enjoy traveling North America in their RV, as well as handgun competitions, sailing, hunting, hiking, biking and other outdoor sports.


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