WJ Tested: SansBug I Mosquito & Bed Bug Tent Review

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WJ Tested: SansBug I Mosquito & Bed Bug Tent Review

WJ Tested: SansBug I Mosquito & Bed Bug Tent Review

WJ Tested: SansBug I Mosquito & Bed Bug Tent Review

WJ Question: What do Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand have in common?

WJ Answer: A tropical climate… therefore, mosquitoes, spiders, bedbugs and more!

WJ adventured in Southeast Asia recently and the fear of the above-listed “OK, I’m going to scream now” creepy crawlies and malaria-infested mozzies forced us to tote along travelling she-caves.

I (Jill) opted for the wonderful feel-safe, pop-up-in-an-instant SansBug Tent I to ensure peace of mind and a comfortable sleep. The French preposition ‘sans’ means ‘without’ and in my experience with SansBug Tent, I was gloriously WITHOUT bugs, spiders and even bedbugs during our nine-week adventure.

The SansBug Tent I nestled nicely on any and all beds in the hotels we stayed in while travelling. It was the rare occasion when I didn’t pop open my tent for a peaceful night’s sleep.

This tent (SansBug I) folds into either a 4-fold 20″ disc or a 3-fold 26″ disc. It measures 86″ long (plenty of space for my 5’4″ height), 39″ wide (roomy enough to stretch out), 35 inches high (no problem sitting up inside it) and weighs only 2.5lbs (feels like less).

There is a side-zip which allows for easy in and out, plus I could even have the charging cord of my tablet through the zipper to use while I was inside.

With a simple fling of the disc, the tent pops open and is ready to use. I absolutely loved the spaciousness of my she-cave!

While in transit on a bus or train, I’d have the tent collapsed into the larger 26″ disc, as I feel less torque on the framework will make the tent last longer. For flights, I would fold my SansBug Tent I into the smaller 20″ disc, then simply tuck it under my arm for boarding and place into the overhead compartment on top of my bag.

The tent comes with a cover/carry sack that has webbing either for hand-carrying or straps to slip on one’s back.

At just 2.5 pounds, this tent is going to be part of my gear on any future travel that involves bugs! The peace of mind that my SansBug I Tent delivers is priceless.

P.S. This tent is available at Sansbug.com to order in bulk, or on other on-line retailers (Amazon.com) for less than 60 bucks. Be sure and watch the instructional videos to learn how to fold the tent properly.

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