Yummy Entrees – Cassoulet Recipe

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Cassoulet Recipe

Cassoulet Recipe

Yummy Entrees – Cassoulet Recipe

WAVE Journey’s Recommended “Eat” In France – Cassoulet

WJ spent a week cruising the Canal du Midi onboard European Waterways‘ canal barge Anjodi. One of the highlights of this south of France cruise was the fabulous meals prepared by Chef Sarah. Although Sarah is a Brit, her French cooking skills were superb and we enjoyed many regional French dishes.

One of WJ’s favorite French foods is cassoulet. Any opportunity we get to devour this comforting and satisfying rich slow-cooked French dish combining haricot beans, duck, sausage and a few other delicious ingredients, we dig in with gusto. WJ has consumed many a fine cassoulet, but Sarah’s rendition was worthy of asking her to share the recipe with us so we could attempt to duplicate it at home. Don’t tell anyone, but we’re sharing it with you too.

Sarah’s Cassoulet Recipe:
Serves 8 – Prepare day ahead for best flavor

Sarah's Cassoulet Recipe

Sarah’s Cassoulet Recipe


-500g/18oz belly pork

-8 confit duck legs

-500g/18oz pork sausage

-250g/9oz haricot beans, soaked overnight

-1 large onion, diced

-1 bulb garlic, sliced (about 8 cloves)

-75g/3oz duck fat (panchetta can be used as a substitute)

-Bouquet Garni – 1/2 leek, bay leaf, fresh thyme and parsley stalkes tied together

-Bread crumbs – make your own or store bought


– Preheat oven to 180C/350F

– Use a flameproof, ovenproof casserole dish

– Heat 30g/1oz duck fat, fry off onion and garlic until soft but not browned

– Add belly pork, cut into medium sized chunks

– Once pork has browned slightly add beans (drain beans from water they soaked in), 1.75 litres/59 fluid ounces water and bouquet garni (submerge bouquet garni in liquid)

– Bring to the boil, scraping off any foam that rise to the surface. Cover and transfer to oven

– Cook for 1 hour or until beans are tender

– Meanwhile: heat remaining duck fat and fry sausage until brown, cut into small pieces

– After beans have cooked for 1 hour remove from oven and put sausage and duck legs in beans

– Return to oven and cook uncovered for 1 hour more

– Remove from oven and refrigerate overnight

Serve with Red Cabbage

Serve with Red Cabbage


To Serve:
– Preheat oven to 180C/350F

– Place covered casserole in oven for 40 minutes to heat through

– Remove from oven and add bread-crumbs to top

– Return to oven, uncovered for 10-15 minutes or until bread-crumbs have slightly browned

Enjoy this dish with a side salad, or a dish of red cabbage, a hunk of bread and a lovely glass of French red wine.

To enjoy more fantastic French food in the south of France, take a canal barge cruise with European Waterways.

European Waterways Website:

Jill Enjoys Cassoulet in Carcassonne

Jill Enjoys Cassoulet in Carcassonne

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