GoLite Footwear Women’s Dart Lite Review

GoLite Footwear Women's Dart Lite in Charcoal/Hawaiian

GoLite Footwear Women’s Dart Lite in Charcoal/Hawaiian

GoLite Footwear Women’s Dart Lite Review

Description – Dart Lite

Engineered for Trail Running.
  • Full Breathable Mesh and Synthetic Upper
  • Dual Density EVA Midsole
  • Women’s Size 7 = 8.5 Ounces


  • Sticky Gecko Sole
  • Soft Against the Ground Technology
  • Precise Fit System
  • GripstickTM Rubber
  • BareTech Platform
GoLite Footwear Women's Dart Lite Review

GoLite Footwear Women’s Dart Lite Review

Jill’s Review:
This past summer I tripped around Europe for 2 months in over a dozen countries doing a vast array of activities. My go-to pair of  shoes was my GoLite Dart Lite. I know, I know… I wasn’t trail running per se,  but I covered many airports, train stations, ferrys & boats, village avenues, city streets, country trails and tours, tours, tours in these shoes in all kinds of weather and I couldn’t have chosen a better partner.

This shoe, the Dart Lite, comes equipped with all of the best technology GoLite has to offer. On varied terrain on any given day, I relied on the Sticky Gecko Sole to provide traction for scrambling the archipelago rocks of Sweden and Finland to winding my way through the throngs of tourists on the uneven stones at Mont St-Michel in France.

Naturally, with a long love affair with Golite Footwear, I am accustomed to their Precise Fit System which allows me to fit any of their shoes to my feet. Every pair of shoes comes with pads allowing one to customize each foot specifically by removing or adding a pad to the insole to fit a narrow, medium or wide foot.

Jill Sporting GoLite Dart Lite Shoes in Sweden

Jill Sporting GoLite Dart Lite Shoes in Sweden

Again, I wasn’t on a “trail-running adventure”, but I was keenly aware of gear weight. This shoe, built for the best in trail performance with the BareTech Platform, balancing shoe weight with stability, proved to be the spot-on choice for a comfortable, lightweight shoe providing the stability and traction I needed on my adventure.

The Dart Lite also made its debut on this trip as a gym rat. Multi-tasking as my everywhere footwear, this shoe was ideal for the hotel gyms I encountered. Perfect on treadmills, I worked out wearing this trail running shoe with confidence and in comfort.

GoLite Footwear Women's Dart Lite Review

GoLite Footwear Women’s Dart Lite Review

Bottom Line:
Clearly, a sure bet for your off-road workout. These trail running shoes, the Dart Lite by GoLite are certain to cushion, support and provide the traction one needs on the trail. But don’t hesitate to take these on your next multi-adventure vacation, as they are lightweight, easy to pack and can take you over hill and dale, from rocky outcrops to castles to boat decks and beyond.


GoLite Footwear Website: GoLiteFootwear.com

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This product was tested and reviewed by Jill Hoelting, WAVE Journey Co-Founder.

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