GoLite Footwear Women’s Lava Lite Review

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Reviewed by WAVEJourney

GoLite Footwear Women’s Lava Lite Review

GoLite Footwear Women's Lava Lite Review

GoLite Footwear Women’s Lava Lite Review

GoLite Footwear’s Description:

Lava Lite

The GoLite women’s Lava Lite shoe is a barefoot-inspired hiking or approach shoe. This women’s casual shoe is built with barefoot construction, providing maximum stability and natural balance. The leather upper offers lasting durability, while the dual-density EVA midsole absorbs shock and lends cushioning. The Bare-Tech platform incorporates a zero drop heel and contoured last to enhance your natural stride. The Sticky Gecko outsole of the GoLite Lava Lite sneaker is made of Gripstick rubber that provides maximum surface contact, friction and traction, even on wet surfaces.

GoLite Footwear Women's Lava Lite Sticky with Gecko Sole

GoLite Footwear Women’s Lava Lite Sticky with Gecko Sole

GoLite Footwear Lava Lite Multi-Sport & Travel Shoes ~ Features:

  • Premium Nubuck Upper
  • Dual Density EVA Midsole
  • Precise Fit system lets you instantly customize the fit for a N, M or W foot
  • Available Sizes: 5.5 – 11 (half sizes available)
  • Colors: Black, Chocolate, Lily Pad, Ibis Rose, Steel/Blue Tint
  • MSRP PRICE: US$115

Viv’s GoLite Footwear Women’s Lava Lite Review:
The moment I slipped on the GoLite Footwear women’s Lava Lite multi-sport and travel shoe, I knew they would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Belize. As I prefer to wear a medium-weight sock, the Precise Fit system allowed me to change the foot bed so as to fit my wider foot when wearing a bulkier sock – hence a perfect fit. I did find that this particular GoLite model required a bit of time to break in the area at the back of the heel, but it was nothing a piece of moleskin (as a precaution) didn’t fix within wearing them for a couple of hours in warmer weather.

During a climb to the top of the Maya ruins in the jungle of Belize, I was impressed by how well the Sticky Gecko sole provided terrific traction on even the most slippery of surfaces. Hiking through the thick jungle with mud and rocks underfoot, I felt completely secure and not concerned with sliding on my butt. And, while wandering the uneven streets of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, I enjoyed the support, comfort, and lightweight feel of the Lava Lites. After all our exploring, these shoes came back looking like they were brand new – the mud easily brushed off and the sole wasn’t worn at all.

Bottom Line:
One pair of shoes per trip is my motto, and with the GoLite Footwear women’s Lava Lite shoes my goal was easily achieved, and my feet were comfortable and protected. After twelve-hour days of exploring, my feet did not experience any fatigue or discomfort, and could easily have hauled me much further. These shoes are certainly a fantastic all-purpose travel and light-hiking shoe that worked with any outfit.

More GoLite Technology Info:
GoLite BareTech: We’ve heard all the chatter about the benefits of going barefoot, and we agree that there is a lot to be said for natural running. But we also know that shoes were created by early man for a reason – mainly because traction, stability and cushioning helped him to run faster and protected his feet from injury. That’s why we developed BareTech, striking the perfect balance between minimal shoes and conventional footwear. Our series of zero drop shoes offers all the benefits of natural running with just the right amount of protection.

Precise Fit: No two feet are alike…not even your own. That’s why our exclusive Precise Fit system is designed to make GoLite Footwear instantly customizable to accommodate a narrow, medium or wide foot. By simply removing or adding a pad to the insole, you can modify the forefoot volume in the shoe to get a better, more comfortable fit.

– Sticky Gecko: The Sticky Gecko sole is inspired by the gravity defying “traction” of geckos. More than 300 small lugs replicate the tiny hairs on a gecko’s feet that create maximum surface contact for better traction, especially on wet, uneven surfaces. Built on our BareTech platform, the zero drop heel and low profile sole allows your foot to move naturally over uneven terrain. And at just over 24mm between your foot and the trail, you will feel close to the ground and protected from the elements. Made with 2 densities of EVA, the Sticky Gecko sole lets you move fast and with confidence over any terrain in any conditions.

– Debris Shield: Running or hiking on rough terrain can take its toll on your shoes, especially the toes and heels which take the brunt of the abuse. That’s why we added abrasion resistant toe and heel materials to many of our fast packing, multi sport and travel styles. By adding lightweight protection in these critical areas, your shoes will take you wherever you need to go, last longer and keep on looking great.

GoLite Footwear Website: GoLiteFootwear.com


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This product was tested and reviewed by Viv Chapleo, WAVE Journey Co-Founder.

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