GoLite Footwear Women’s Neon Lite Review

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Reviewed by WAVEJourney

GoLite Footwear Women’s Neon Lite Review

GoLite Footwear Women's Neon Lite Breathable Hiking Shoe

GoLite Footwear Women’s Neon Lite Breathable Hiking Shoe

GoLite Footwear’s Description: Neon Lite

The GoLite Neon Lite minimal inspired shoe is perfect for hiking. The GoLite Neon Lite has a fully-breathable mesh and nubuck upper that breathes as you walk, while still providing serious durability. The Bare-Tech platform offers a zero drop heel in order to fit your natural stride, while the dual density eva midsole protects your feet from rocky terrain. A Sticky GeckoTM outsole provides maximum traction, so the GoLite Neon Lite is ready for any trail that you are!

GoLite Footwear Neon Lite Multi-Sport & Travel Shoes ~ Features:


  • Fully Breathable Mesh and Nubuck Upper
  • Dual Density EVA Midsole
  • Precise Fit system lets you instantly customize the fit for a N, M or W foot
  • Available Sizes: 5.5 – 11 (half sizes available)
  • Colors: Charcoal/Lime
  • MSRP PRICE: US$110
GoLite Footwear Sticky Gecko Sole

GoLite Footwear Sticky Gecko Sole

Viv’s GoLite Footwear Women’s Neon Lite Review:
Travelling through Europe during the summer of 2012 would not have been anywhere near as comfortable as it was if it had not been for having cool and comfortable feet! My primary footwear for 13 countries in 8 weeks with temperatures ranging from 55 F/15 C to 115 F/46 C was a pair of GoLite Women’s Neon Lite hiking shoes. Not only did they look great, feel lightweight and keep my feet secure and comfortable without any blisters, but they also kept them dry during downpours (that happened frequently during the first few weeks).

Bottom Line:
Another success story from GoLite Footwear! Use these lightweight hiking shoes for travel, hiking, city walking, everyday wear around the home front. I don’t want to wear anything else even now I’m back at home and have plenty of other shoes to choose from.

Notes: More GoLite Technology Info:
– GoLite BareTech
: We’ve heard all the chatter about the benefits of going barefoot, and we agree that there is a lot to be said for natural running. But we also know that shoes were created by early man for a reason – mainly because traction, stability and cushioning helped him to run faster and protected his feet from injury. That’s why we developed BareTech, striking the perfect balance between minimal shoes and conventional footwear. Our series of zero drop shoes offers all the benefits of natural running with just the right amount of protection.

Precise Fit: No two feet are alike…not even your own. That’s why our exclusive Precise Fit system is designed to make GoLite Footwear instantly customizable to accommodate a narrow, medium or wide foot. By simply removing or adding a pad to the insole, you can modify the forefoot volume in the shoe to get a better, more comfortable fit.

Sticky Gecko: The Sticky Gecko sole is inspired by the gravity defying “traction” of geckos. More than 300 small lugs replicate the tiny hairs on a gecko’s feet that create maximum surface contact for better traction, especially on wet, uneven surfaces. Built on our BareTech platform, the zero drop heel and low profile sole allows your foot to move naturally over uneven terrain. And at just over 24mm between your foot and the trail, you will feel close to the ground and protected from the elements. Made with 2 densities of EVA, the Sticky Gecko sole lets you move fast and with confidence over any terrain in any conditions.

Debris Shield: Running or hiking on rough terrain can take its toll on your shoes, especially the toes and heels which take the brunt of the abuse. That’s why we added abrasion resistant toe and heel materials to many of our fast packing, multi sport and travel styles. By adding lightweight protection in these critical areas, your shoes will take you wherever you need to go, last longer and keep on looking great.

GoLite Footwear Website: GoLiteFootwear.com

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This product was tested and reviewed by Viv Chapleo, WAVE Journey Co-Founder.

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3 Responses to GoLite Footwear Women’s Neon Lite Review

  1. What a great idea this is. Will definately keep it in mind when clninaeg out my shoe closet. As much as I love shoes I actually don\’t have that many. Just don\’t have that much time or money to go shopping these days. Tungamah isn\’t exactly big enough for a shoe shop.

    Scott 09/29/2012 at 10:03 pm
  2. I bought a pair of these last fall and can’t believe how great they are for my feet. I am almost 73 with bunions and other foot problems. These shoes are the first ones I’ve had in years that don’t hurt my feet (or my knee which was injured not too long ago). I can’t wait to get another pair so I don’t wear these out. I wear them every day all day long. We went on vacation right after I got them and I was able to walk much more than I thought I could. The traction feature is very helpful to me. It gives me the confidence that I am not going to slip and fall when I walk. It’s great not to have to wear “old lady shoes” and still have the comfort and support I need.

    Mary Jane Borst 04/02/2013 at 9:33 am
    • Great to hear that you enjoyed these GoLite shoes as much as we do, Mary Jane. They really are super comfy and provide excellent traction. Do you own other GoLite Footwear shoes?

      Viv 04/02/2013 at 9:41 am

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