WJ Tested: Trew Gear Shirtweight Super Down Jacket Review

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WJ Tested: Trew Gear Shirtweight Super Down Jacket Review

WJ Tested: Trew Gear Shirtweight Super Down Jacket Review

WJ Tested: Trew Gear Shirtweight Super Down Jacket Review


WJ recently received a sample of the Trew Gear Women’s Shirtweight Super Down Jacket in their Graphite color to test and review. This is a lightweight (medium = 15 oz), warm, good looking, compact and packable, shirt/jacket that is ideal for year-round travel both at home or away.


The fit is stylish without being too tapered and snug around the hips (allowing for ease of movement when active). The body length of the jacket is long enough not to ride up when out for a walk/hike, and kept the bum nice and toasty warm (on a 5′ 4″ frame). The drawstring on the hemline is ideal for snugging up the bottom to keep warmth in when needed. This jacket is flattering and not bulky (no impersonating a Michelin Woman while wearing this).

WJ Tested: Trew Gear Shirtweight Super Down Jacket Review

WJ Tested: Trew Gear Shirtweight Super Down Jacket Review


WJ tested the Shirtweight Super Down Jacket in temps ranging from 7 degrees Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit (our weather hasn’t been any warmer lately to test above 41) and thoroughly enjoyed wearing it. Add a couple of warm layers underneath and the Shirtweight Super Down Jacket worked extremely well in single digit (7 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures while shoveling snow. When the temps warmed up to 36 degrees Fahrenheit, wearing two thin base layers under the jacket was also ideal for staying perfectly warm on a hike on snowy trails.


In wind and rain, the jacket was also a hit. While out for a walk on a freezing and windy day, the wind did not penetrate the nylon microfiber shell (no cold spots). When a snowy day turned to drizzle, the jacket repelled the moisture and didn’t soak through. This will also make a nice insulation layer under a heavier jacket or raingear for extremely cold and soggy weather.


Being so lightweight, the Trew Women’s Shirtweight Super Down Jacket compactly folds up into the left side pocket (which becomes the stuff sack). In a pinch it can serve a dual purpose and be used as a pillow.


In our recent very cold and dry weather, we did notice some static while wearing removing the jacket. But that also might be our electrifying personalities, too.

WJ Tested: Trew Gear Shirtweight Super Down Jacket Review

WJ Tested: Trew Gear Shirtweight Super Down Jacket Review


We found the sizing to be on the small side. Viv typically wears a women’s large in shirts and jackets and Jill wears a women’s extra-large – we like them to be roomy enough that we can layer as necessary. But this item in the XL size was too snug for Jill’s liking. Even with just a thin baselayer top, the shoulders, chest and hips were tight fitting (she needs to give the men’s large size a try). Viv found the 16/XL sizing was perfect to wear with both thin and medium baselayer tops, while still providing ample room for movement (shoveling snow as an example). So our recommendation is to order the next size larger than you typically wear.



You can’t find a better, more luxurious insulator than natural good down. Our Super Down insulation brings incredible loft and a durable waterproof finish to the near-perfect insulator. The Shirtweight Jacket is designed and fabricated so you can take the supreme comfort of our Super Down anywhere and everywhere. Yes, it’s got the technical pedigree to be your go-to piece for mountain layering; it packs down into its own pocket and has a durable, water-repellent nylon shell that will glide under your outerwear. But we think the Shirtweight Jacket brings a new level of style to technical insulation. The clean lines and simple quilting convey the timeless quality of alpine engineering, while the soft, matte fabric and subtle branding can slip between mountain and urban landscapes like your favorite flannel.



Featuring Toray’s innovative, waterproof QUIX DOWN®, with micro-light and stretch fabrics, these are the most supremely comfortable, lightweight, and versatile down garments available.

Waterproof Down Insulation
We start with the finest, ethically sourced goose down available, sourced from Poland, home of the highest quality and highest loft-rated down feathers in the world.

Natural goose down is a near-perfect insulator, with incredible warmth-to-weight ratio and comfort unmatched by synthetics. Once wet, however, down loses its loft and has lengthy dry times. Toray QUIX DOWN® uses nanotechnology to bind a waterproof finish to the down clusters. The down retains its signature loft and compressibility, while remaining completely waterproof through more than 10 wash cycles.



Nylon Microfiber
Our Nylon Microfiber is an uncommonly comfortable fabric to be found on such a lightweight, insulated jacket. We would describe the comfort of the microfiber nylon yarns as silky, soft like a puppy’s belly, and creamy smooth in texture. The down plumes stand zero chance of escaping through the velvet grasps of our Nylon Microfiber, we add an acrylic coating to control the permeability and keep those plumes and feathers where they belong. 100% nylon; 30 X 30 denier plain weave



100% nylon shell; 30 denier plain weave; 750 fill; Premium, ethically sourced European goose down; Two hand pockets; Left hand pocket serves as stuff sack



Available in 3 colors: graphite; fatigue green; fiery red

MSRP: $185

WJ Tested: Trew Gear Shirtweight Super Down Jacket Review

WJ Tested: Trew Gear Shirtweight Super Down Jacket Review


We think the Trew Shirtweight Down Jacket will be the ideal all-purpose jacket for spring temperatures while wearing just a T-shirt underneath, work well for cooler summer nights when sitting around a campfire, and be toasty warm with a fleece sweater underneath during winter activities. This jacket is bound to be the perfect travel companion at anytime of year!


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