WJ Tested – High Sierra Evolution Carry-On Wheeled Upright Luggage Review

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High Sierra Evolution Carry-On Wheeled Upright Luggage Review

High Sierra Evolution Carry-On Wheeled Upright Luggage Review

WJ Tested – High Sierra Evolution Carry-On Wheeled Upright Luggage Review
WAVEJourney Tests High Sierra Evolution Carry-On Wheeled Upright Luggage

High Sierra Evolution Carry-On Wheeled Upright Luggage Review

High Sierra Description:
The evolution of lightweight luggage has reached new heights with High Sierra’s lightest bags yet … Evolution. Incorporating the latest in lightweight technology used for outdoor gear including a unique internal foam structure and high-tech components from top to bottom.

Evolution Carry-On Wheeled Upright

  • Special built-in, high-density foam structure
  • Helps maintain the bag’s shape while minimizing weight.
  • Main compartment, with book-style opening, has a large mesh pocket and interior clothing hold-down straps.
  • Main compartment expands 2in/5cm for additional storage capacity.
  • Upper front pocket holds airline tickets or travel necessities.
  • Lower front pocket holds magazines and small travel gear.
  • Custom ID holder is hidden in the upper front pocket.
  • Recessed, telescoping lightweight aluminum handle system with locking mechanism.
  • Corner mounted sport wheels.
  • Durable corner guards protect against abrasion.
  • Padded grab handles on top and side.
  • Reflective piping for added safety.

Size: 22.0″ x 14.0″ x 9.0″
Capacity: 3050.0 cubic inches
Weight: 5.9 lbs
Materials: Nylon Mini-Diamond Ripstop, Mini-Weave
Duralite® and Duraweave
Color: Amazon/Pine/Leaf; Lava/Red/Clay/Ash
MSRP: US$260.00

Jill’s Review:
I recently relied on this essential piece of luggage for a 12-day adventure to Quebec, Canada. My flight took me from Redmond, Oregon with connecting flights in San Francisco and Chicago, to Quebec City. This lightweight carry-on proved to be a great companion.

We (The WAVE Journey Dynamic Duo) had a couple of hours in the terminals at both SFO & ORD. The EVOLUTION (EV200) easily slipped into the overhead compartments and was like a feather as we tripped through the terminals en route to Canada. Weighing in at just under six pounds, this wheeled upright is super light leaving a great allowance for personal belongings. I fairly zipped through the terminals!

There was ample time to continue to engage with my bag, as we stayed at seven different lodging establishments and travelled by limo, van, foot, taxi & train with bags in tow. Depending on the situation, I could maneuver my High Sierra EVOLUTION  by the telescoping handle as a wheeled unit (cruising along pavement or hotel lobby) or by either the top handle or side handle (negotiating stairs and curbs). I used all options and found the construction to be solid.

On a side note and not to be sexist, I find that guys are a bit oafish when it comes to manhandling telescoping handles on luggage. That being said, I try and maintain control over my bag on transfers to save on my evil-eye radar directed at bellhops and the like when I spot them lifting/twisting/torquing my bags via said handle. It’s time to get a GRIP, boys!

The two front pockets were put to good use. The lower front pocket held my rain jacket, scarf and caps. In the upper front pocket were nestled my neck pillow, earplugs and headlamp. The only way I could add security to these pockets was with a locking plastic tie.

The main compartment was easy to pack with its book-style opening. I was able to cinch clothing tighter with the hold-down straps. I like an interior mesh pocket in my luggage and the one in this EV200 was perfect for swimsuit, lingerie and such. I very much liked that my TSA-approved lock could connect the metal of the zipper pulls on this compartment.

As it turned out, much to my economy-of-packing dismay, I collected quite a bit of “stuff” on the trip forcing me to expand the bag to its full capacity and actually (egads!) check my bag for the return trip to Oregon. The extra two inches afforded by the expansion capability of this bag allowed me to get all my goodies home without mailing a box back.

Somewhere between Montreal, Toronto and Portland this once carry-on, now checked bag incurred two small rips in the fabric on the back of the bag. It looks like the bag caught on something and marred the fabric with two smallish holes. C’est la vie; I will patch this myself and roll on.

Bottom Line:
With the desire to travel light, this bag fills the bill. No questions about this being a carry-on ~ the sizing is perfect. Because the bag is so light, I did find it to be prone to tipping forward when packed and thus, had to be mindful when stopping and letting bag stand. Really no big deal though… just propped it against chair (in terminal) or wall (at hotel). Easy trade out for the super-lightweight feature of this wheeled carry-on. I will continue to count on this bag and the innovation of High Sierra products.

Visit the High Sierra Website.

View more details about the Evolution Carry-On Wheeled Upright.

This product is tested and reviewed by Jill Hoelting, co-founder of WAVEJourney.com

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