Superfeet Outside Women’s Storm Sandals Review

Superfeet Outside Women's Storm Sandals Review

Superfeet Outside Women’s Storm Sandals Review

Superfeet Outside Women’s Storm Sandals Review

WJ Tested – By WAVEJourney Editor Jill Hoelting

Hey it’s summertime and that means flip-flops, right? It’s the season to show off those painted nails and feel the sunshine on your tootsies. Summer fun can be ruined if you aren’t careful though. Research has shown and podiatrists know the danger of poorly designed flip-flops worn for too long a period. With cheap flip-flops your feet can widen, your arches can collapse. Who wants that?

On a recent six-week journey I needed a pair of reliable, well-built flip-flops. With a history of Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, I couldn’t mess around in the sandal department. I wanted a sandal that had good arch support and good cushioning. Having used Superfeet insoles in the past, I was thrilled to discover that Superfeet offered a sandal.

Superfeet Outside Storm Sandals are designed specifically for women with a reduced arch length and narrower heel to better fit a woman’s foot. The deep heel cup design allows for impact absorption. The foam layer design securely cradles the foot ensuring great support. The neoprene and synthetic leather strap is both comfortable and quick drying.


These sandals can be worn with peace of mind knowing you are not doing damage to your feet. Comfortable and supportive, Superfeet Outside Storm Sandals are perfect to satisfy your flip-flop needs. Right now, they are only offered in black… would like to see some bright colors added to the line.

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