Superfeet Orange Insole Review

Superfeet Orange Insole Review

Superfeet Orange Insole Review

WJ Tested – By WAVEJourney Editor Viv Chapleo

My feet are delicate. With high arches and sensitive balls of feet, I need to make sure footwear is comfortable, fits well, and provides plenty of support. This is where Superfeet Orange insoles came to the rescue, and made my tender tootsies very happy. The cushioning on the foot bed worked very well, and although the arch support isn’t quite as high as I like (remember, I have a very high arch), it is far superior to other non-custom orthotic insoles I have tested. The Superfeet Orange insoles get 2 thumbs up from me.


Superfeet insoles help adapt the flat midsole of your footwear to your foot. The distinct Superfeet shape helps to stabilize the foot, while the deep, structured heel cup and full-length foam provide support and comfort.



Engineered for high-impact activities, the Superfeet ORANGE features a shock-absorbing foam forefoot for people who punish their feet.



  • Deep Heel Cup – Features a deep, narrow heel cup that helps support the foot during high-impact activities and long distances.
  • Biomechanical Shape – The slim, contoured shape helps stabilize and support the foot, which can help reduce stress on feet, ankles and knees.
  • Organic, Odor-Control Coating – All natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria.


Note: Superfeet provided items for WAVEJourney to test. Read our full disclosure statement to see that this has no effect on our articles, reviews, and/or opinions.


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