Aspire Sunglasses Review

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Aspire Sunglasses Review

Aspire Sunglasses Review – Viv wearing Aspire Incognito

Aspire Sunglasses Review

By WAVEJourney’s Viv Chapleo

I’ve been wearing the same sunglasses for the last 7 years. Why didn’t I change before now? Well, they fit my needs for sunglasses wherever I roamed and whatever activity I was doing. And, as I like to travel light, they were my one pair that worked for all situations. But, lately they weren’t feeling as comfortable (giving me headaches from pressing on the side of my head), nor do they look as good as they used to (too many drops and being stuffed in a pocket).

Then along came Aspire sunglasses and I just had to try them out with their claims of being super-lightweight and flexible (maybe they wouldn’t pinch my head behind the ears, and they might bounce better).

Aspire Sunglasses Features:

    • polycarbonate UV 400 lenses
    • flash mirror lens coating
    • made from hypoallergenic SDN-4 (nylon polymer)
    • no fade material
    • lightweight (22% lighter than titanium frames) = 14 g
    • ultra thin design (50% thinner than typical plastic frames) = 2.25 mm
    • flexible material
    • screwless hinge technology
    • adjustable nosepads
    • 3 colors for each model
    • included stylish hardcase and lens cloth
Aspire Anonymous Sunglasses

Aspire Anonymous Sunglasses

Aspire Anonymous Details:

  • Aviator style
  • unisex styling
  • colors: black; blue; wine

Aspire Incognito Details:

  • navigator shape
  • unisex styling
  • colors: brown fade; black matte; crystal matte

The lenses provided plenty of UV protection even in the heat of the Nevada desert or from glare off the water when out sailing in the San Juan Islands. The hypoallergenic material is very good (I’ve had break outs and rashes from eyeglasses) and easy to keep clean.

The price might be a bit spendy for some ($290+), but these sunglasses are stylish and well constructed, so should last for many years.

Aspire Sunglasses Review

Aspire Sunglasses Review – Viv wearing Aspire Anonymous sunglasses

Bottom Line:
Because the Aspire Eyewear sunglasses are so lightweight, I did forget they were sitting on my head a few times and sent them flying through the air and crashing to the ground. They did not get even a single scratch on them (and no chips out of the frame like with others I’ve tested). I can see that these sunglasses are going to be my new favorites for many years to come. The only dilemma will be… which pair to take on a trip if I limit myself to just one?

Note: Aspire Eyewear provided this item for WAVEJourney to test. Read our full disclosure statement to see that this has no effect on our articles, reviews, and/or opinions.


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