Travel News: Backyard Travel offers new 4WD adventure in Thailand’s northern hill tribe areas

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4WD adventure in Thailand's northern hill tribe areas

4WD adventure in Thailand’s northern hill tribe areas

Backyard Travel offers new 4WD adventure in Thailand’s northern hill tribe areas

Bangkok, Thailand (October 16, 2012) – Bangkok-based Backyard Travel, Asia’s most innovative tour and travel operator, launches an exciting new 4WD tour of Northern Thailand’s hill tribes, perfectly timed for visitors in Thailand during the high season.

As the cool, dry season approaches, there’s no better time to take an off-road trip through Thailand’s picturesque northern mountain ranges. Weather conditions are just right to head off the beaten track and into hilly landscapes to enjoy jaw-dropping views and come into contact with isolated mountain villages.

The three-day Four Wheels Good tour from Backyard travel meets popular demand for off-road touring in Thailand. The perfect addition to any vacation in Chiang Mai, the adventure traverses some of the most scenic forest and mountain terrain in northern Thailand, starting with a visit to the markets of the Karen tribe, where travelers can browse handicrafts and absorb local tradition.

From there, it’s deep into dense tropical forest, with a visit to the multi-tiered Mae Ya waterfall, where travelers can cool off in fresh mountain water and enjoy a picnic in the great outdoors. Before heading to luxurious accommodations for the night, there’s a trip to Thailand’s “Grand Canyon” Ob Luang National Park and the Thepanom hot springs.

Unique to this off-road adventure are the visits to hill tribes, hidden away in lush forest. Travelers get a chance to meet these tribes and observe life in the cool northern climate of Thailand, learning about different ethnic groups and getting to sample delicious local foods and see parts of the region not accessible during the wet season.

After some thrilling off-road driving by Backyard Travel’s experienced chauffeur, travelers enjoy a trip to the Hmong hill tribes of Dong Samun and Khun Mae Talaa, and visit a local school to meet craftworkers busy plying their trade. A portion of every Four Wheels Good tour goes towards the school in Dong Samun.

Maeve Nolan Backyard Travel Operations and Product Director says: “Thailand is one of the few destinations in Asia where travelers are able to take a self-drive tour, and the north of the country supplies all the elements for the perfect vacation. The scenery, cuisine, friendly people, great selection of hotels and good quality road conditions make for an excellent tour for couples, families or groups of friends.”

All Backyard Travel tours are created by local experts to provide personalized experiences not available from any other tour operator. Tours can be customized according to the individual traveler’s needs – for more information or to view all tours, click here.

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