Travel News: Floriade 2012

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Travel New: Floriade 2012

Floriade 2012 is closed!

  • 2.046.684 visitors to Floriade
  • House of Taste winner of the Floriade Award

After 186 days, Floriade 2012 came to a close at the end of the afternoon during an official closing ceremony.

During the ceremony Managing Director of Floriade 2012 Paul Beck announced that Floriade had attracted 2.046.684 visitors. “We are once again very pleased with that. However, it is still too early to draw up the final financial balance. The gates close on Monday but the books are not closed just yet. As always, I remain optimistic for a good end result. It is important to mention that visitors gave our park a rating of 8.5 and our staff a rating of 9.2. I would therefore like to express my gratitude to the staff, who have contributed so much to the success of this Floriade”, said Paul Beck.

During this ceremony the House of Taste was announced as the Floriade 2012 best exhibit. The Dutch Vegetable & Fruit Bureau entry therefore won the Floriade Award and prize money of $10,000. More prizes were also awarded by the jury. A list of all prize winners can be found in the attachment.

Beck specifically praised the content of Floriade 2012. “All exhibitors have put in a great deal of effort to convey to visitors the perception that we aimed to achieve. Of major importance have also been the many business to business activities that took place in all of the pavilions. We have had 42 countries participating and 30 national days have been organised, with the various delegations becoming acquainted with this region and with the Dutch Horticultural Sector. This is of unprecedented importance for the future. Floriade has already achieved a great deal.  Just think about the hundreds of staff, many of whom have returned to work after being on benefits and who have rejoined the labour market. Then there is the tourist sector, which has benefited greatly from this World Expo. Hotels in the Venlo Region have achieved an average of 30% more occupancy this year because of Floriade. The most important fact however is that the Venlo Region has been able to meet the world and the world has been able to meet the Venlo Region on the stage of Floriade. There is no advertising campaign that could match that. We have established many contacts that have the potential of developing into productive investments in the future. That is the benefit from this Floriade!” said Beck.

In his closing speech the managing Director thanked the founder – the Rabobank, the other sponsors, the Venlo Region, The Province of Limburg and the Dutch Horticultural Council for all of their support. Paul Beck: “without the knowledge and expertise of these partners this Floriade would not have been possible”.

During the closing ceremony the Floriade park was handed over to Venlo Greenpark. The organisers of the sixth World Expo also handed over the batten to the organisers of Floriade 2022 in Almere. Floriade 2012 was concluded with a closing show for visitors in the Floriade Theatre, which was produced by Cees Rullens.

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