WJ Tested: Luxury Barge Magna Carta Review – Bottom Line and Value

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Magna Carta Cruises the River Thames in England

Magna Carta Cruises the River Thames in England

WJ Tested: Luxury Barge Magna Carta Review – Bottom Line and Value

Bottom Line and Value
While an all-inclusive cruise (food, accommodations, excursions, open bar, wine and beer with lunch and dinner) aboard Magna Carta can be had for a reasonable cost, the scenery along the River Thames is priceless.

In our opinion, there isn’t a better way to spend a week than on the slow-lane — River Thames — and it would be difficult to find a more comfortable, stylish or relaxed mode.

While there may be many ways to tour the River Thames, spending time on the Magna Carta should most certainly be right at the top.

Magna Carta Cruise on the River Thames in England

Magna Carta Cruise on the River Thames in England

Note: Depending on the season a unique B&B stay aboard Magna Carta may be available.


Crew & Service

Magna Carta Captain - Dominic

Magna Carta Captain – Dominic Read

Captain and part-owner Dominic Read along with a master chef, a hostess and a deck hand did their best to provide an enjoyable holiday cruising along a fairytale setting.  From tour guiding to epicurean delights to cabin comforts, Captain Dom and his crew provided for guests’ needs.


Fellow Passengers

Magna Carta Fellow Passengers

Magna Carta Fellow Passengers

Temple Read Cruises gear their Magna Carta luxury Thames river cruises toward North American, Australian and British tourists who have discerning tastes, a sense of adventure and want a relaxing cruise on one of the worlds most charming rivers.

Passenger ages tend to range from early 40’s to late 70’s and typically passengers come to find they have common interests and share similar tastes for travel. Our fellow passengers shared a love of travel, adventure, fine wine, great food and enriching experiences.

Cruising time was spent enjoying the river scenery from the sun deck, reading a book, or sipping a glass of wine. More active passengers were able to work up an appetite for the next meal by walking or bicycling once we reached our destinations. The cruise itinerary provided daily shore excursions that were enjoyed by all.

With only four cabins and passenger capacity of eight, Magna Carta would make a great option for a family reunion or group of friends to charter.

A River Thames cruise oaboard Magna Carta is perfect for those who want an up-close and personal cultural vacation, experienced at a leisurely pace, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and with few decisions to make.


Spa & Fitness

Magna Carta Spa and Fitness

Magna Carta Spa and Fitness

Magna Carta’s sun deck offers ample room for eight passengers to enjoy the passing scenery along the river Thames. Armed with a book, a cup of tea or glass of wine, cruising time is the perfect opportunity to relax and view the river and villages along its banks.

For those passengers wanting more activity it is possible to walk, jog or bicycle (bikes are available on the barge at no charge) once the barge is moored for an excursion, meal break or at the end of the cruising day.

As the barge stoped cruising for lunch and does not cruise at all after dark, it was possible to walk or bike into small villages and towns and do some exploring on our own. The heated outdoor jacuzzi is located in front of the sun deck and an ideal way to spend some relaxing time.

Daily excursions also provide a time to get some additional exercise while walking through historic sites, towns and villages.



Magna Carta Gratuities Suggestion

Magna Carta Gratuities Suggestion

Like most ocean cruise ships and river cruise ships, gratuities aboard hotel barge cruises are not included in the actual cruise price.

For barge cruises, the suggested additional amount for tipping the crew at the end of your cruise is in the range of 5-7% of your cruise fare – starting around $200 per person for a 6-night cruise. At first blush, this may seem a high figure, but once passengers experience the exceptional service the crew provides it becomes very reasonable.

The gratuity should be paid in cash, preferably in the currency of the country in which you are cruising and placed in an envelope that you present to the Captain before the end of your trip. Typically the tips are shared equally among each of the crew members.

Take into consideration the service provided, friendliness, attitude, performance of special requests and sheer hard work from your crew to determine the amount of your gratuity.


Photos ~ Cruising the river Thames in England aboard luxury barge Magna Carta.
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Luxury barge Magna Carta – Inside and Out

Food & Wine – Fabulous presentation and delicious flavours

Day 1 – Henley-on-Thames

Day 2 – Henley-on-Thames to Bourne End

Day 3 – Bourne End to Windsor


Luxury River Barge Cruise in England

Luxury River Barge Cruise in England

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Note: Viv and Jill cruised the river Thames aboard luxury canal barge Magna Carta during a September 2009 visit to England.

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