Uniworld Boutique River Cruises River Royale Crew and Service

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By WAVEJourney
Viv & Jill cruised the Rhone & Saone Rivers aboard Uniworld’s luxury river cruise ship, River Royale, during a 2009 visit to France.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises River Royale Crew and Service

Uniworld River Royale - Captain Pascal Rech

Uniworld River Royale – Captain Pascal Rech

River Royale Crew & Service ~

WAVE Journey’s recent cruise on the Rhone River with Uniworld’s River Royale was a perfect balance of setting, ship and crew — all in top-notch form.

The crew members aboard the River Royale primarily hailed from European countries, but all were English-speaking with a high desire to people-please.  Pascal Rech, 1st Captain, ably took on the navigation of the ship and kept all of us safe throughout the voyage.  His winning smile was a constant, as he charmed the passengers and enjoyed the respect of his crew.

Hotel Manager Eric Christophe’s keen eye never left anything to chance as he ran through protocols for seamless onboard hotel services.  Martina Dandas, Purser, was the ever-ready “ready-to-help and go-to person” at the reception desk.  She was kept busy satisfying passengers’ special needs and requests.

The regional dishes we enjoyed were created under the direction of Executive Chef Roger Demmer.  He excelled in creating both appetizing and visually-inspired dishes from main courses to desserts.  Istvan Dandas, in his role as Restaurant Manager, shepherded the restaurant staff and the food & beverage services.  He rightfully stood with all smiles surveying the restaurant, as each meal was presented much like a work of art.

Tony Jenkins, the Cruise Manager, kept us all in stitches with his funny travel stories as he guided us through each day’s shore excursions and entertainment programs.  Tony’s good sense of humor and easy accessibility allowed for smooth transitions for tours, with of all us fully prepared for the day.

The crew was complemented with outstanding individuals, be it in housekeeping, wait staff, kitchen staff, deckhands or officers.  Each person demonstrated personal pride in their work, always with a smile and an eagerness to make a passenger’s day better.

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