Uniworld Boutique River Cruises River Royale Food and Wine

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By WAVEJourney
Viv & Jill cruised the Rhone & Saone Rivers aboard Uniworld’s luxury river cruise ship, River Royale, during a 2009 visit to France.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises River Royale Food and Wine

Uniworld River Royale - Appetizer

Uniworld River Royale – Appetizer

River Royale Food & Wine ~

As with most cruises, passengers will not find themselves going hungry aboard the River Royale. Before the end of our 7-night cruise along the scenic Rhone River in France, we had enjoyed a tremendously vast array of wonderfully delicious, excellent quality and perfectly presented menu items all tied together with a regional French flair by highly skilled chefs.

Uniworld River Royale - Main Course

Uniworld River Royale – Main Course

One of the main differences we discovered with the menu and food aboard River Royale was that there was something to please most palates and not a single item that we didn’t enjoy. For guests that did not want a culinary adventure into fine French food, they could be perfectly satisfied at dinner with the options of: Appetizer – green salad; Main Course – Steak with French Fries or Chicken Breast with French Fries.

Uniworld River Royale - Cheese Course

Uniworld River Royale – Cheese Course

In fact, the food was so delicious that we found ourselves choosing between two options:

1. Only eat a small sample of each menu item presented to us (well, we have to try everything – it is our job after all);
2. End up bulging out of our clothes by mid-week if we kept up the pace of eating everything in sight.
We chose option 1 – When in France, eat as much French food as possible but just keep the portions small! Needless to say, we were most pleased with the dining options available to us in the Cezanne restaurant during all meals.

Common questions regarding food and beverage:
Q: What food and beverages are included on a Rhone River cruise aboard River Royale?
A: Breakfast; lunch; dinner; soft-drinks or house wine or beer with dinner; self-serve specialty coffee and tea in the Patio lounge 24-hours; afternoon tea; late-night snacks.

Q: Are wine, beer and cocktails available other than at dinner?
A: Yes, other alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are available for purchase throughout the day, either in the Renoir lounge or in the Cezanne restaurant. The ship offers an extensive selection of fine wines that are available for purchase throughout the cruise. Passengers can even purchase their own wine or alcoholic beverage of choice in port and bring it into the dining room to enjoy with their meal – no corkage fee (unlike large cruise ships where alcohol is confiscated until the end of the cruise).

Q: Will there be an additional charge for a cappuccino or latte?
A: There is a specialty coffee machine, fine tea selection and filtered water available in the Patio lounge for guests to help themselves – free of charge – 24-hours a day.

Q: Is there a full bar?
A: Yes, full bar service is available in the Renoir lounge.

Q: How many dinner seatings are there?
A: There is only one dinner seating and it is open for passengers to choose which table they dine at – be it a table for 2 or table for 8. You may start off as a single or couple, but within a day or two you will find yourself table-hopping with new friends.

Uniworld River Royale - Dessert

Uniworld River Royale – Dessert

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