Travel Ontario: The Cranberry Golf Resort Offers Golf and Something Extra

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Travel Ontario: The Cranberry Golf Resort Offers Golf and Something Extra
By Habeeb Salloum

Travel Ontario - Cranberry Golf Club

Travel Ontario – Cranberry Golf Club

When I first reached the Cranberry Golf Resort at Collingwood, a little over a two hour drive north of Toronto, Ontario, I saw the ultra-modern merged with the beauty of nature. Set against the scenic backdrop of the town’s Blue Mountain and the sparkling waters of Georgian Bay, the Resort is an inspiring destination not only for golfers, but also travellers who are seeking the beauty of nature enhanced by the hands of man.

The only full service resort in the area this world-famous, 750 acres year-round tourist mecca offers visitors, besides a seductive golfing aura, fine rooms and good dining, spa treatments in an atmosphere of luxury, wedding facilities for a in ‘the country’ atmosphere, year-round swimming in both inside and outside pools, a full-service marina, as well as a wide range of other indoor and outdoor activities which cater to singles, couples and honeymooners as well as entire families. All these activities are done under the watchful eye of a staff that is friendly, considerate, and well-trained.

Cranberry Golf Resort - Habeeb on Putting Field

Cranberry Golf Resort – Habeeb on Putting Field

One of the top golf resorts in Canada, the 18-hole golf course at the Cranberry Golf Resort in Collingwood offers 6,752 yard 18-hole championship course of of expansive fairways, strategic bunkers and carefully manicured greens, offering challenges and rewards to every hole.

Cranberry Golf Resort - Swimming Pool

Cranberry Golf Resort – Swimming Pool

An all-year vacation destination of delight, the Cranberry Golf Resort allows one to escape the daily grind of life. Its natural atmosphere and scenic tree-lined fairways where visitors often see a deer, porcupine, rabbit or a turtle move or dart in front of them makes for a soothing feeling. In the words of one of Cranberry’s staff “the Resort rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul of its patrons.”

Cranberry Golf Resort - Marina

Cranberry Golf Resort – Marina

In this playground of Torontonians and of course others, visitors from singles to whole families have a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities in which they can participate. They can play on one of the 8 fully-stocked tennis courts, practice putting, take a scenic hike on the trails; in winter take a snowshoe hike or ski cross-country on a sunny day, have a go at archery, or if on the other hand, sailing the waters is on one’s mind, the Cranberry Yacht Club has the answer. The club has 130 spaces for boats to rent or for docking.

After an stimulating day of playing a challenging round of golf or a few games of tennis; or enjoying a scenic walk, or spending a refreshing afternoon skiing sometime can be spent at the Cranberry Spa, giving the body soothing calm and putting one in the mood for dinner. This one can enjoy at Cranberry’s Memories Restaurant, or dine on a pub style menu at Lounge 26 while thinking of a great day of activity capped by fine dining.

The Resort is a well-recognized establishment and has been the recipient of a number of awards. Its golf course was appointed as Canada’s first Audubon Society certified golf course, and subsequently it was awarded the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award. It was also named in Canada’s Golf Ranking Magazine as one of the top golf resorts in Canada.

Habeeb Practicing Archery

Habeeb Practicing Archery

That day after a tasty lunch we took lessons in archery. None of us became Robin Hoods but we enjoyed ourselves shooting arrows into targets on bales of straw. From the medieval days of the bow and arrow we moved to the golf course to a competition of putting. We did not make a great showing as golf experts as our shots were wild but we had fun under a clear blue sky – a perfect day for golfing.

Cruise in Georgian Bay

Cruise in Georgian Bay

We ended the day by taking a cruise from the Resort’s Marina. Atop the clear blue waters we relaxed under the warm yet not too hot sun. As the boat lazily cut through the water it was easy to dream of the past when Georgian Bay teemed with ships mostly built in Collingwood’s shipyards.

In the 19th century European settlers made the town a leading port in Georgian Bay. Shipbuilding became the most important industry and Collingwood was turned into a port town. Other industries followed and the city became the largest industrial center in the region. However, by the second half of the 20th century Collingwood’s industrial base begun to erode.

In the ensuing years, industry was replaced by tourism establishments. Their activities changed the face of the area. Today the Cranberry Golf Resort leads these tourism establishments. In the words one of Collingwood residents, “It is a gem in this scenic region that is sought after by travellers who are seeking nature just barely touched by the hands of man.”

Collingwood, Ontario: Cranberry Golf Resort

Collingwood, Ontario: Cranberry Golf Resort

For More Information:

Contact the Cranberry Golf Club – Tel: 1-800-465-9077


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