Travel Tips: Part 3 – Hotel Safety

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Travel Tips: Hotel Safety

Travel Tips: Hotel Safety

Travel Tips: Part 3 – Hotel Safety
By Dan Dudek

It is human nature to let our guard down when traveling, especially on vacation. Always be aware of your surroundings, and plan ahead to avoid problems.

  • Always keep your hotel door locked
  • NEVER open your hotel door for anyone you do not know
  • Use the peephole and talk to the person with the door closed
  • If someone claims to be from the hotel staff, call the Front Desk to verify before you open the door
  • Carry a rubber door stop and use it to supplement the locks on your hotel door
  • Be sure your windows and any patio doors are securely locked
  • Use your room safe or the hotel safe at the Front Desk to secure your valuables, i.e. tickets, passport, extra cash, etc.
  • Know your escape route in case of a fire or other emergency
  • NEVER use the elevators when fire may be present
  • If you think someone is following you to your room, do NOT go to your room, return to the Front Desk and report the incident
  • Ask for an escort to your car if you are alone at night, or feel uncomfortable in any way
  • If you are “walked”, i.e. told that to overbooking, your reservation has been transferred to another hotel, be sure to insist on compensation for your inconvenience (you will always be offered either a free night or some cash)

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Dan Dudek travels extensively and has been to most U.S. states and Canadian provinces; and about 30 countries. He has a private pilot’s license (now inactive) and currently enjoys RV camping, sailing and many outdoor sports. As an Eagle Scout, he practices the scout motto to “Be Prepared” for all situations and confesses to being a person who likes “electronic toys”, especially those security related.

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