Top 5 Most Gorgeous Beaches Across The World

Top 5 Most Gorgeous Beaches Across The World

Top 5 Most Gorgeous Beaches Across The World

Top 5 Most Gorgeous Beaches Across The World

By Lily Evans

For an ideal destination, beaches are one of the best options. Everyone loves beaches from old people to younger ones. They give you a memorable time since they are nice and among the most wonderful places in the world. Staying at such places gives you relaxation and satisfaction. It is worth to mention that top rated and the best beaches attract tourists from all over the world. They are usually suitable for short weekend trips or family holidays. It is on the beaches that you find all kinds of water sports. The following are the beautiful beaches that have many interesting sports across the world.

Dahab beach is in Egypt located at the edge of Sinai desert. The beauty of this beach is accredited to its golden stretch of sand. At the backside of the beach lie mountain ranges. This is a former fishing village which is now popular tourist destination across the world. It is suitable especially for those who love windsurfing. It is long known as laid back, backpacker-friendly, Dahab beach is becoming more developed day after the other Retaining a casual vibe. It is also the home to Blue Hole, the most dangerous dive site. Only the most experienced divers should try diving here when you visit. If you are an amateur diver ensure you stay close to the surface. If you want to make memories out of your holiday plans visit Dahab beach, Egypt. Examples of water sports that you will find in Dahab beach include windsurfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling.

Patara is one of the best places to visit in Turkey. Patara beach is one of the longest stretching beaches in Mediterranean today. This beach is preferred as the world best destination for tourists across the world. Starting from accommodation, various restrooms, hotels and resorts in this place. When you are at the beach you can admire the distant towering limestone peaks of Lycia from the south-east end of the beach. To reach the beach you will pass through the ruins, they have an admission charge of $1.25. However, if you are planning to stay for a while purchase a site and beach pass, which allows only ten visits for $1.85 and children under the age of twelve are free. When you get tired of the beach sports you can engage in activities such as Lycian way to walk (but avoided in heat summer), canoeing, birds to watch, horse riding, rafting at Dalaman River which is nearby, and scuba diving plus local markets strolls, remote ancient sites within the vicinity and secluded mountain villages with easy reach. Patara beach is one of the most beautiful beaches with the best sports for you to visit this holiday. During the visit, you are guided through the entire adventure by friendly tour guides. The examples of water sports that you will engage in when you visit this beach are swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, water canoeing and water tubing.

This is another beach in Turkey that you can visit. The beach of the Olympos seems like it popped up from a fairy tale. It is highly rated as the best place for romance time with special ones. You will definitely love the place when you visit. The place has a relaxed atmosphere which makes every tourist happy during their visit. The beach is a bit smaller than the beaches mentioned earlier. The area is marked by a huge forest that covers most of the area. These forests around the beach are heavily filled with foam ruins. The main advantage is that the beach has free sun beds and umbrellas, which are mostly out the bar of the hotels within the area. The white shingles in the beach welcome the tourists. You can enjoy cocktails from the deck in the glare of the moon. If there is something that you should consider is visiting this magnificent place. Examples of water activities that you shouldn’t miss when you visiting include water skiing, water rafting, water canoeing and swimming.

The island paradise sits in depths of the Atlantic Ocean to East and sparkling waters of Caribbean to the west. It a home to a lot of water based sports including the ability to charter all kinds of seagoing vessels. St Lucia is one of the most wonderful places in the world to visit if you are looking to tour the Caribbean. This is one of the best tropical beaches found on earth. Turquoise, white sand and clear blue skies are among the attractions that will make a great experience when you visit. On the western side lie calm waters of the Caribbean Sea with perfect swimming and water sports in comparison to eastern side which is more turbulent Atlantic Ocean. The beaches in this area that you can explore include Grande Anse, Reduit beach and Jelousie beach. The area is referred to as angler’s dream come true since the region is the home of the biggest species of fish. The sea also gives the biggest deep sea fishing across the world. When you visit you can enjoy water skiing and windsurfing as most hotels within the region accommodate intermediate, beginner and advanced skiers. The main water activities include white water kayaking, high diving, water skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving and water tubing.

This is another one of the most wonderful places in the world to visit. It is one of the most popular beaches in Turkey, situated in front of Damlatas cave. Damlatas cave and its microclimate are the main reason the tourists’ tour Antalya province of Turkey. Pristine white sand, clear blue skies and lush green ranges of the Taurus Mountains are among the best attraction of what Mediterranean Sea has to offer. It is reputed as the place where Queen Cleopatra used to swim when she took voyages in the Sea due to the festive atmosphere the beach offers. It is easy to reach the beach with rented vehicles or a taxi. This beach is for those who love water sports as well as bird watching. Banana boating, parasailing, snorkelling, swimming and windsurfing are among the most popular activities that are done on the beach. There is also great marine life that you can find on waters in this area, especially the turtles. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for hire, those of us who prefer tree shades can enjoy from beautiful landscape park which is attached nearby. Examples of water sports that you should engage yourself with when you visit include scuba diving, swimming, kayaking, tubing and snorkelling.

Finally, it is important to mention that although you might find more beaches the above mentioned are the best to visit for those who are water sports lovers. They are the ones that standout among the world gorgeous beaches in the world. You will experience memorable moments when you visit either of the mentioned beaches.

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