Travel Belize: Lamanai Sunrise Canoe Trip & Jungle Nature Walk

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Travel Belize: Lamanai Sunrise Canoe Trip & Jungle Nature Walk

WAVEJourney Explores Lamanai Outpost Lodge!

Viv and Jill - Sunrise Canoe Trip

Viv and Jill – Sunrise Canoe Trip

Day 3:
Sunrise Canoe Trip – This morning we were awake and up even before the howler monkeys could start their Jurassic Park imitation. Although our morning schedule showed that we were to meet our guides, George and Tony, for a sunrise canoe trip at 6 AM, they had actually been expecting us at 5:30 AM. We declined the offer of coffee, juice and muffins that were available in the dining room and quickly made our way towards the dock for our paddle across the New River lagoon and up Dawson Creek.

With the two of us in one canoe, and George and Tony in another, we paddled hard across the lagoon to the far side. The sun had already risen a fair amount and the sky was already getting quite light. Within 20 minutes we were serenely paddling up Dawson Creek, where we viewed a large variety of bird life, a few lizards, plus pink and white snails that were hanging from reeds in the water.

The paddle back across the lagoon towards the lodge required quite a bit of strength and effort as there was now a fairly strong breeze and we were against it. But, our almost 2-hour morning paddle had been well-worth getting up for.  The canoes were easy to handle, and the sunrise had been lovely.

Breakfast - Huevos Rancheros

Breakfast – Huevos Rancheros

Breakfast –  Making our way to breakfast upon returning from our canoe trip, we started off with orange juice and coffee. Next was another lovely fruit bowl with cantelope, kiwi, papaya, and watermelon. This morning the hot portion was huevos rancheros with bean soup, sour cream & breakfast sausages. Perfect!

The rest of our morning was free of any scheduled activities, so we enjoyed spending time roaming around the lodge grounds, and conversing with fellow guests.

Lunch - Shrimp Quesadilla

Lunch – Shrimp Quesadilla

Lunch – Today’s luncheon delights were hibiscus juice, and spinach dip with tortilla points as an appetizer. For the main course, a fantastic shrimp quesadilla was served with a fresh tomato salad. Sliced banana bread with whipped cream was a tasty dessert treat.

Lamanai Outpost Lodge Dock

Lamanai Outpost Lodge Dock

The remainder of our afternoon was spent hanging out at the lodge’s dock, enjoying an incredible afternoon breeze, and watching the wildlife activity on the lagoon.

Guide Nathan Forbes

Guide Nathan Forbes

Nature Walk – At 4:30 PM we met guide, Nathan Forbes, for 90-minute nature walk from the lodge. Armed with only a snake hook, binoculars, and a machete, Nathan took us on a stroll around the lodge and through nearby Lamanai village. During the nature walk, Nathan showed and explained to us many different insects, birds, flowers, trees and other interesting facts. One of the highlights was when we encountered a gazillion leaf cutter ants crossing a dirt road with leaves that were far larger than they were. As the sun was setting, our nature walk concluded and we wandered back to the lodge by 6 PM.

Nature Guide Nathan Forbes

Nature Guide Nathan Forbes

Dinner – With an upcoming evening excursion on the agenda, we went to dinner at 7 PM. The delicious tortilla soup with fresh hot rolls and butter was a great start to the meal. Our main course was a scrumptious Caribbean shrimp curry with rice. And, for dessert, a silky cheesecake.

Dinner - Caribbean Curry Shrimp

Dinner – Caribbean Curry Shrimp

Spotlight Safari Cruise – Immediately after dinner, we met guide, Raul, that would take us on a 90-minute New River lagoon cruise under the stars. It was a very dark night and we witnessed many shooting stars. Other than a few sleeping birds, the wildlife was very quiet during our outing.

Tired from another very full day of exploring, we declined joining fellow guests in the lodge bar and retired to our cabana by 10 pm. We knew morning would come too quickly, and we still needed plenty of energy for another early morning, and another full day at Lamanai Outpost Lodge.


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