Riding, Rose Hips & Rejuvenation at Hills Health Ranch

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Riding, Rosehips & Relaxation at Hills Health Ranch

Riding, Rose Hips & Relaxation at Hills Health Ranch

Riding, Rose Hips & Rejuvenation at Hills Health Ranch

A Refreshing take on the Three Rs in  108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia, Canada

UPDATE: THIS ARTICLE IS FROM WAVEJOURNEY’S 2010 VISIT TO HILLS HEALTH RANCH. WE RETURNED TO THE RANCH AGAIN IN AUGUST 2014. THE RANCH is under new ownership and will reopen July 18, 2016 as Spruce Hill Resort.

We’re not sure who said, “Wellness is not a destination at which we arrive ~ it is a lifelong journey, a commitment to simply do the work we need to do… it is a way of being”; but, after spending three very full days exercising and eating low-fat, well-balanced and nutritious meals at The Hills Health Ranch in British Columbia’s Cariboo region, we completely understood exactly what they meant.

With an unexpected opening in our summer schedule during our upcoming visit to Cariboo Country, we contacted the good folks at Hills and asked if they could fit us in for a few days at the ranch. We were interested in experiencing some of the activities available to those guests in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. The Hills Health Ranch owners, Pat and Juanita Corbett, along with their Wellness Director, Regula Wittmer, graciously and quickly put a plan into action and organized quite an array of activity appointments to keep us occupied during our stay. Wanting us to take in as much as possible in our short visit, they scheduled us for as many classes, activities and workshops as possible that are available to guests at the ranch at 108 Mile.

We quickly found The Hills Health Ranch to be an ideal location and facility for anyone that wants to shed anywhere from a few unwanted pounds to well over 100 pounds. It’s also ideal for anyone needing to destress from the pressures of everyday life, who wants to eat well-balanced meals that are nourishing and delicious, or for those that want to get a jump-start on their exercise program and rev things up.

Now, this isn’t your typical spa or fat farm where you are surrounded by the glitz of bronze, brass and marble. The Hills Health Ranch has a more rustic atmosphere, situated on a working ranch that is set in a natural environment amidst 20,000 acres of ranchland. The great outdoors is right outside the front door and as we came to find out, there’s nothing better than waking up each morning and gazing out of our guest room window at Mother Nature in all her glory.

Jill and Viv at Hills Health Ranch in British Columbia

Jill and Viv at Hills Health Ranch in British Columbia

What the ranch lacks in glamour is made up with a professional and highly qualified team of health, fitness and wellness experts. The Corbett’s have found the best staff in their respective fields and their caring and knowledge is hard to beat. The ranch is open year-round and activities abound for every level of skill and interest. For some guests, their visit to The Hills Health Ranch is the first time they’ve walked in the woods, ridden a horse, tried mountain biking or cross-country skied. The rewards garnered from experiencing the energy and renewal associated with being surrounded by a natural setting is immense. For guests that prefer indoor exercise, a large variety of classes are available, including: aqua fitness; step aerobics; pilates; yoga; resist-a-ball; treadmills; stationary bikes; full gym equipment. The more guests participate in their new-found health and wellness regime, the faster they find themselves filled with an abundance of energy that they may not have felt in many years.

Classes and workshops dedicated to teaching guests how to best deal with stress, improve one’s health and adopt a healthier lifestyle are scheduled on a regular basis. Preventive health-and-wellness care plays a major role in establishing long-lasting good health into later years in life.

Both of us were treated to a rose hip Facial in the spa by the expert hands of Spa Director, Juanita Corbett. For the past 28+ years the Corbett’s have successfully pushed the Canadian spa industry to new heights. Juanita trains all of The Hills Health Ranch spa staff and they use their own Canadian Natural Oils products. The ranch is the first North American spa to undertake high level research and development in extracting essential oils from indigenous plants and the natural healing that comes from these oils has garnered international attention.

Jill found the rose hip facial hydrated and rejuvenated her skin, and Viv, who has been dealing with Rosacea for more than 5 years, was thrilled with Juanita’s knowledge of this ailment and has enjoyed the long-lasting benefits from just one treatment – it has truly been life-changing.

The Hills Health Ranch also caters to guests that are just looking for a getaway with friends or family who want to enjoy the tremendous outdoor activities or spa treatments. Regardless of age and depending on the season, guests can hike, horse ride, canoe, mountain bike, use the indoor exercise equipment and pool, ski, snowshoe, ice-skate or take a hayride.

Dining options are varied and plenty, with an emphasis on the best fresh, natural and organically-grown foods available. Guests can choose to partake in the low-fat spa cuisine, dine from the ala carte menu, enjoy a summer BBQ, or indulge themselves with a Fondue.

As far as value, in our opinion the cost of a stay at The Hills Health Ranch is very reasonable and affordable. Depending on a guest’s personal goals, stays range anywhere from a couple of nights to a month… or three.

A variety of packages and options are available and programs can be customized to each individual guest’s needs, goals and activities. Although we only had three days available for our visit to The Hills Health Ranch (which was not nearly long enough time), it proved to be a nice break from routine and a great way to kick start our newly revised fitness and health regime. We were amazed that in such a short period of time we departed the ranch feeling much more relaxed, incredibly refreshed and supremely eager to take our fitness to the next level. Next time we return to The Hills Health Ranch we’re planning on staying at least a week… or two.

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Spruce Hill Resort
108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia, Canada


Note: Although WAVEJourney were guests of The Hills Health Ranch in July 2010, all opinions, reviews and commentary are our own. Read our full disclosure statement to see our review policy.


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