Holland America Line Nieuw Amsterdam Cruise: Day 10 Rome, Italy

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Viv & Jill’s Holland America Line Nieuw Amsterdam Cruise: Day 10 Rome, Italy
12-Night Mediterranean Romance Cruise June 3-15, 2011

Visit Rome from Civitavecchia, Italy

Visit Rome from Civitavecchia, Italy

Day 10 – June 12: Rome, Italy

Docking in the port of Civitavecchia before 7 am, we made a quick exit from the ship and took one of the first free shuttle buses to the port entrance. As soon as we got off the bus there was a woman handing out brochures for sightseeing options in the area and asking if anyone wanted to purchase train passes to go to Rome. As we did and she spoke perfect English (not typically the case with people at the train station) we bought our B.I.R.G tickets (9 euro for unlimited train travel for 24 hours) from her colleague at the Tourist Information kiosk a few steps away. With all our questions answered, timetable for the train schedule to/from Rome and our round-trip tickets in hand, we made the 8-minute walk along the promenade to the local train station.

Along with several hundred other cruise ship passengers (there were few ships in port at the same time) we caught the 8:41 am train into Rome and arrived there about 45 minutes later. We decided our first stop of the day was the Colosseum so we took a short metro ride to a stop across the street from the entrance. Already at 10 am there were thousands of tourists lined up to get into the largest amphitheater (dating from 70-80 AD) ever built in the Roman empire. The wait for tickets and price of admission was worth the effort and we spent over two hours inside the ancient walls going step by step with the audio guide.

St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome

St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome

Rome is a great city for walking and once we were finished at the Colosseum we wandered through the Forum and in the direction of the Monument to Vittorio Emanuelle II. From there we strolled through the city until we came to the the most famous of its many fountains, the Trevi Fountain, and then continued on to the Spanish Steps. By this time we were getting tired and decided to jump on the metro and take the ride near Vatican City so that we could visit St. Peter’s Basilica. Being a Sunday the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel were closed, but even so, by the time we arrived at St. Peter’s Square there were also thousands of people waiting in line to get inside. Luckily the security lines were moving quickly and we were able to go through and spend about 30 minutes in the vast structure that is an important pilgrimage site for so many people around the world.

By the time we had finished our tour of St. Peter’s we were pooped and ready to make our way back to the ship. Luckily for us, we jumped on a train seconds before it left the Rome train station in the direction of Civitavecchia and were able to relax for the next 50 minutes. Walking along the promenade, as all of the shops and cafes were open, it was a perfect time to enjoy a gelato. We had been running around Rome so much that we hadn’t had time to stop and eat, so the gelato tasted even better than normal.

We arrived back on board by 6 pm, a good 2 hours ahead of sailing towards Livorno. Worn out by the day’s activities we were happy to dine on the Lido Deck around the pool where a lavish Mediterranean BBQ was being served from 5:30 to 9:30 pm. The selection was extensive with dishes representative of all the Mediterranean countries. We particularly loved the foie gras pate, steaks grilled to order, paella, fresh shucked oysters and other fresh seafood.

As there was no live entertainment in The Showroom at Sea (the movie Shutter Island was featured on the large screen), Jill made her way to the casino for a poker tournament while I watched a movie on the TV in the cabin. Even though Jill’s first visit to Rome was at whirlwind speed she loved every minute of it and has it on her list to revisit soon for a more extended period and at a leisurely pace.

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Trevi Fountain in Rome

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  1. Rome to Fiumicino airport is easy go to the main train sttioan (Termini) and simply buy a ticket using the automated ticket service. There are sttioans all over the place, and you can opt for an english language version. You’ll just tell it you want a one-way ticket to Fiumicino and then insert Euros or your credit card it’s about 12 euros, I believe? You can also get a taxi from your hotel to the airport, but the drivers spot a trusting American tourist a mile away they’ll typically way overcharge you. If you’re staying at a major hotel, like the Holiday Inn, they may have their own airport shuttle I think this is rarer with the hotels that are in the city proper, though (Fiumicino is about 12-20 km out of the center).Make sure you bring a pocket-sized Italian phrasebook it’s absolutely essential if you don’t know any Italian! Also, buy a travel guide (one each for Rome and for Venice will be a good idea, as you’ll get a more detailed idea of what is in each city than you would with another generalized Italy book), and you can tailor your visit to your own interests.If you have an interest in the ancient city (I’m an archaeologist, so I’m biased!), I highly recommend the Forum & Colosseum, and the Capitoline Museum (which has an *amazing* ancient collection, and also a very nice Renaissance section). The Vatican also has an immense art collection spanning the centuries. The Pantheon is also really beautiful, and is free it’s an easy walk from most spots in the city, and can be a really quick stop-off. Rome is my favorite place in the world enjoy it

    Ferit 09/27/2012 at 2:19 pm
  2. I’ve never been to Venice, but have been to Rome. We walked alomst everywhere and took the subway a few times. The subway is pretty easy to figure out if you have a good map of the stops. We had three two from guidebooks and one from our hotel between the three getting around was a piece of cake.Getting to and from Rome was a bit trickier. We trained in, and got quite turned around in the terminal. Luckily my husband knows a bit of Italian. I would definitely pick up a phrase book! You could even call ahead (not from the airport but now) to the hotel and see if they can give you directions from the airport to the hotel. Who knows they may have a shuttle?

    WeiSiang 09/29/2012 at 9:34 pm

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