Travel by Train from Roma Termini to Venezia Santa Lucia

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Travel by Train from Roma Termini to Venezia Santa Lucia

Travel by Train from Roma Termini to Venezia Santa Lucia

Travel by Train from Roma Termini to Venezia Santa Lucia

WJ Tested: – Taking the Train from Rome to Venice

Sunday May 12, 2013

The final morning of our Insight Vacations Italian Escapade tour found us departing Rome Sheraton Hotel by taxi at 8 am for the quick journey to Roma Termini – Rome’s main train station.

The price for the 18-minute high-speed taxi ride across the city (thankfully it was early on a quiet Sunday morning or the price could have been much higher) totaled €21.00 (€18.60 + €2 for bags = €20.60 + .40c tip = €21.00)

After the taxi dropped us outside the main entrance to the large Roma Termini building we ventured inside to find our train to Venice. The train station is sprawling and hundreds of other travellers were already waiting or arriving from near and far. Huge arrival and departure boards were crowded as people gazed up at them, waiting for the platform information they sought. Roma Termini certainly is a train station with plenty of cafes and restaurants to grab something to eat, drink or take-away.

It wasn’t until 8:40 am that the platform for our train was announced, but by 8:45 am we were on our train and seated in our reserved 2nd class seats (US$50 each). We had booked our train tickets from Rome to Venice on about a month prior to leaving home and just printed out the confirmation code (which is all we would need to show the train conductor for him to access our reservation).

Jill on the Train from Rome to Venice

Jill on the Train from Rome to Venice

The train departed promptly at 8:55 am (on time) for Venezia Santa Lucia and we settled in for the 3 hour 35 minute journey. Along the way the train travelled at high speeds through incredible scenery; stopping briefly at a number of stations to pick-up and drop-off passengers – Firenze, Bologna Centrale, Rovigo, Padua and Venezia Mestre.

Travelling in 2nd class was perfectly comfortable and almost half the price of 1st class (at the time of our booking). So we may not have had free newspapers (we don’t read Italian anyway) or a complimentary welcome drink, but we all arrived at the same time and thoroughly enjoyed the journey from Rome to Venice.

Along the way the conductor did ask for our tickets and once we showed him the ticket number from our ItaliaRail email confirmation he entered it into his machine and moved on to the next passengers – easy peasy!

Our arrival in Venice was just a few minutes late, but we stepped out of the train station to a splendid view of the Grand Canal. We thoroughly enjoyed the journey and found the train to be a terrific way to travel between Rome and Venice!

Tip: The further in advance you book your train tickets, the lower price you can find. Often it is possible to get an advance purchase train ticket on for a much lower price than what you can find on TrenItalia and other websites. We also found the Italia Rail website very user friendly and offering excellent service. Different prices are available for the same journey but at different departure times, so we chose a time and price that worked best for our needs. We will certainly book tickets through it again in the future.

Below is a copy of our reservation with ItaliaRail:

Thank you for ordering your train travel through

Please retain this email for your records, it contains important information about your reservation and details you will need to provide the Conductor on your train.

Ticket Number (PNR): A2BZD3
Leader Passenger Name : Ms JILL HOELTING
Fare (see rules below): Super Economy
Number of Passengers: 2 Adults


You are travelling on an eTicket, no paper ticket is needed prior to boarding the train. You will simply provide the ticket number (PNR) above to the Conductor for validation. Please note your train car(carriage) and seat number(s) below….

Segment 1
12 May 2013 08:55
Arrive: VENEZIA S.L.
12 May 2013 12:35
Train: 9410
Class: 2nd Class
Carriage: 7
Seat(s): 03A, 04AFare Rules:

  • No booking or ticket changes are allowed with this fare. This fare is not refundable.

If you would like a copy of your official receipt from Trenitalia you can view or download it by clicking here.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 8773757245 and reference order:


Note: There is a small booking fee ($5) for using the service, but we still found it cheaper than other sites and much more convenient – especially as the site is in English and you can pay in US dollars (saves on foreign transaction/exchange fees).

This was a quick and easy way to book our train tickets and we only paid US$50 for each Rome to Venice 2nd class ticket – A great deal!

Happy Travels!

Viv and Jill – AKA WJ

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