Trafalgar Tours Scenic England Review

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Trafalgar Tours Scenic England Review

WAVE Journey Rides High Above The Hedgerows On Trafalgar’s Scenic England Tour!

Trafalgar Tours Scenic England Review

Trafalgar Tours Scenic England Review

WAVEJourney’s Introduction to Motorcoach Tours: Tour Overview

A few lines of the lyrics from the song “Get Happy”, made popular by Judy Garland, would play over and over in our heads during our 10-day Scenic England Tour with Trafalgar Tours — “Forget your troubles, Come on get happy, You better chase all your cares away”. OK, so we couldn’t remember the rest of the song, but that didn’t really matter as those few lines were incredibly appropriate for the journey we were on.

Neither one of us had ever experienced a motorcoach tour, and to be quite frank hadn’t even considered it until WAVE Journey readers started asking us for details about the various coach tour companies.

Aren’t motorcoach tours for the old, decrepit and blue-haired group?

Aren’t they for the unadventurous among us?

Or are they just for those who simply can’t figure out travelling from Point A to Point B by themselves?

Surely a motorcoach tour wouldn’t suit those of us that live for independent adventures in far-flung places. Well, that was our misguided and uninformed impression, and one that was to be rendered completely and utterly counterfactual!

What we did encounter as we circled England over the course of 8-nights — while being ushered and guided by a professional and knowledgeable Tour Director, and ever so carefully transported in our motorcoach by a well-seasoned professional driver — was a great camaraderie among a diverse group of 36 well-travelled people from 5 continents. Ages ranged from early-forties to mid-eighties, and all shared a love of culture, heritage and the zest to experience the new and unknown. On top of all that, we also enjoyed a stress-free, informative, lively, high-spirited, stimulating, convivial and affordable tour.

Out of all 200 of Trafalgar’s worldwide itineraries we chose the Scenic England tour for a couple of reasons:

1. Jill previously had not spent any time in England and this would be a great overview for a first-time visit.
2. Viv had lived in England and visited most of the country; so this would be a perfect opportunity to put Trafalgar and the Tour Director to the test.

Well, for both of us it worked out to be the ideal trip:

– Jill had the opportunity to traverse 1230 miles (1880 km) of England’s most scenic and interesting countryside while learning an immense amount of history and folklore.
– Viv tripped down memory lane while continuously being impressed by the daily schedule, quality of accommodations, included attractions, low-priced optional excursions, and loving every minute of not having to wait in long lines to enter popular historic sites… not to mention that the Tour Director certainly DID know his “stuff”.

For us, this was a trip that proved to be most memorable. It was a trip that we could recommend. It was with a company that we would travel with again. And, most importantly to us, for what was included, it proved to be tremendous value. What more can we ask for in a vacation?

Price and Value:

We are keen on finding the biggest bang for our buck wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. Trafalgar Tours delivered on exceptional value. We covered so much territory, soaked in so many scenic sights, and did it all in comfort with panoramic windows and door-to-door service.

Within a limited window of time, we packed in the ultimate amount of touring and were immersed in an educational and fun learning experience about the country. Short of hitchhiking and backpacking, there isn’t a more economical way to travel and see the countryside.

Tripping with Trafalgar saves the environment, too. On a per-passenger basis, travelling by a fuel-efficient motorcoach is among the cleanest modes of transportation. Plus, you are almost 1100 times more safe on a motorcoach than in your own vehicle per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Consider, too, that there is safety in numbers when travelling with a group.

An escorted motorcoach tour with Trafalgar requires booking just one trip — your next Trafalgar Tour. No worries about hotel reservations, toting luggage, coordinating tour attractions — it is all part of the package. Take care to book your next trip with Trafalgar and they’ll take care of you!

Come along with WAVEJourney and discover what Trafalgar’s Scenic England Tour had to offer:

Overview | Daily Itinerary | Hotels & Dining | Optional Excursions | Tour Director & Gratuities | Bottom Line & Value | Photos |

Day 1 & 2: London | Day 3: London to Plymouth | Day 4:  Plymouth to Bideford | Day 5: Glastonbury, Bath & Stratford | Day 6: Chester to Liverpool | Day 7: Lake District & York | Day 8: Cambridge to London | Day 9: London City Tour |

Contact Trafalgar Tours
USA: 1-866-544-4434
UK: +44 (0) 20 7828 8143
Website: Click here.

Note: Viv & Jill were guests of Trafalgar on the Scenic England Tour in September 2009

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