The Water is Crystal Clear in The Bahamas

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The Crystal Clear Water of The Bahamas

The Crystal Clear Water of The Bahamas


The Water is Crystal Clear in The Bahamas

By WAVEJourney

While standing at the dock waiting for a ferry to take us from Spanish Wells to Harbour Island (famous for its pink sand beaches on the east side of the island), the water was so crystal clear that we could watch an aggregation of sergeant major fish shoaling.

Sergeant major fish are also known as pintano, and are a damselfish species. Although the ones we saw were quite small, they can grow to be about 9″ long.

Where are these places located in the Bahamas? Spanish Wells is a small town on the island of St. George’s Cay, and along with Harbour Island, they are both located near the island of Eleuthera.

Visiting both Spanish Wells and Harbour Island where highlights of a Blount Small Ship Adventures Bahamian Out Island cruise.


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