Going Where Big Ships Can’t In The Bahamas

Compass Cay Marina

Compass Cay Marina


Going Where Big Ships Can’t In The Bahamas

By WAVEJourney

Compass Cay Marina is in a protected harbor in the Exuma islands of the Bahamas. The water in the marina is shallow, so only boats with a maximum of 8′ draft can get into the harbor, plus the dock has a maximum 180′ limit on length (suitable for mega-yachts). So, we were pleasantly surprised that Blount Small Ship Adventures could take Grande Mariner into the harbor and dock at the marina for a couple of days during our Bahamian Out Islands cruise.

How many cruise ships do you know that can pull up to a dock next to yachts, then steps from walking off the boat you can get into the water to swim with Nurse Sharks? This is the only one we’re aware of, and we were thrilled by this feature.

The island is small and perfect for taking nature walks, wandering over to the other side to swim in the secluded bay, and a slice of peace on earth with its relaxed and laid-back vibe.


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